Monday, February 15, 2010

Teensy Weensy Miso Soup

am waiting for the resin to set. :)


spring onion
made these last night with air dry clay.

i remember watching a video i found online, and stored it away in my memory till i finally found a reason to use it YAY!

i followed and adapted the technique used here, using i -think- 28 gauge wire. it's so fine and slightly less than 0.5mm thick. not sure where you can buy it since grandma found it while packing and asked if i could use it. chucked it away for a long time, YAY FOR HOARDING!!!

the whole website is a treasure trove of information. i can't remember when i first discovered it, but i do recall spending hours reading and watching ALL of the videos the lady has posted.

above link shows all the techniques she uses with air dry clay. i think she sells thai clay too i'm not familiar with the products, but all the free videos are awesome~!

the tofu is made from polymer clay, baked of course. and the kelp....well i had a lot of problems with it cos i didn't know how to manipulate green. i have problems getting colours right since i don't buy ready made colours (which will be amended tomorrow... wah ah haha ) and after multiple failed attempts with polymer clay, i thought, "F*CK IT" and painted a piece of tracing paper with acrylics. YAY!

mixed up some ochre/brown/white acrylics into epoxy resin, and voila. miso soup. just wish i had nicer appropriately scaled bowls. time to do some online shopping :E

kk off to CNY lunch with bf's family. imma be late!! :O :O :O


  1. Thank you Snowfern for mentioning our website, nice to see Tarapat's techniques are used in this way.

  2. Your blog is AMAZING! I have been snooping about here and can't believe everything! Thank you so much for posting so much information! I am currently obsessed with bread texture and NOW air-dry clay! I am ordering some now

  3. I must bookmark this post but I am not using my own laptop. Having work with epoxy resin, I know it can be had. Your soup looks really good and miso is my fav diet food.

    Can't wait to go back to my minis (my nieces and nephews and the real

  4. hi Hans and Tarapat! thanks so much for providing us with such wonderful techniques!

    Susan, i haven't done much really, just 'translated' the japanese's a lot of trial and error though, and wastage too :(

    Sans, i patiently await your return. maybe then we can meet up and chit chat about more minis! :D :D miso is really wonderful and versatile, but i always laugh when i open the fridge, since mom labelled the box "miso salty" *snurk!!!*

  5. Hi Cindy, you are welcome. I must say I thought my wife was patient working on her flowers in detail. But what I see on your website makes my jaw drop.


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