Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thank you Dale!

yotsuba prefers the floor
FIRST TIME i've won a blog giveaway, and look, just LOOK!!!! hahaha

i love this set
i love this set. it's supposed to be a seat cushion but since there's no post on my chair to tie it to (i thought there were :( ) i think this layout works too heee heee!

beautiful pillows from dalesdreams
like me, Yotsuba prefers to sit on the floor. i can imagine her diving into the heap of pillows and cushions.

Thank you so much Dale! please say hi to her at the following links:



  1. Hey Cindy!

    I love those cushions as well, I bought some a few months ago :)

    I got an award for you on my blog ^^


  2. Oooooooh! Very nice! Now its you and me both with Dale's cushions and all of us who prefer floor! :)

    This is a very good layout. Reminds me fiercely of home.

    While I am away, I was given a "You Are MY Sunshine" award. I don't know whether you do awards or not but I am picking those of you who brighten my day up like the sunshine to be my choice for this award and you are my 1st :). Will let you know when I post it up :).

  3. I love Yotsuba's little room, pretty table, cute cushions, suave handpuppet... :)

    It looks totally cozy in there.

  4. thanks Stephanie, Sans and Becky!

    while i do appreciate the sentiment, i am not really fond of nor understand fully why there are so many awards running around blogland XD moreover, i wouldn't know who else to send it out to, don't the same people get the same requests all the time seeing as we run in the same circles? o.O


  5. I appreciate your sentiments. There are actually many bloggers who do not do awards. There are even buttons for that. Lol! I m one of those few who thinks awards is a good way to connect but no sweat if you don't want to spread it. No need to be awkward :).


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