Thursday, February 18, 2010

strawberries....and sooo many gifts!

can you see the seeds

a tad late, but better than never, as 'they' say right? (who are these 'they' everyone speaks of anyway?!?!)

1:12 strawberries in air dry clay, tracing paper and acrylics. i tried to make it such that you can see the's sorta kinda half successful....far better than my initial attempts at strawberries i think ^ ^ these are sooo addictive to make! approx 3-4mm big. i don't know yet what i'll use them for....

and yea. i have really wrinkly palms -_-" something about a hard life....etc.....i hope and think that the worst is over now ^ ^


so i've been busy with CNY preps, commissions and stuff, and now that most of it is over i am trying to catch up with my posts...i did quite a number of swaps with other miniaturists......SHOW AND TELL TIME! i actually received one more package late today from Dale of, i'd won her birthday giveaway!!! i never win anything so this was a really pleasant surprise! i'll blog about that soon too. PROMISE! ^ ^

in reverse chronological's what i've received....i hope i didn't miss out anyone yikes my memory isn't what it used to be. which is a good thing! well. kinda hard to explain. but it's definitely a plus for my bf's sanity's sake LOL

swap with Kim aka fairchildart

Kim of sent me these wonderful items! i'd initiated a swap with her as i've been a fan of her works for a while now, and since we had a small exchange about some cute little sundae glasses that made me go "nghghghhg" inside...i asked if she would help me procure some, and also requested a sample of her works.....she sent me the cutest jellybean filled dish and a breakfast set!

Kim's runny egg breakfast
i remember gasping aloud when i saw this on her flickr set. that runny yolk!!! SLURP :9

oh so cute cookie cutters from Kim
the cookie cutters are TOO TOO CUTE XD

chrysnbon cutlery sooooooo cute and perfectly scaled
and omgomgomgomg!!! i'd been hankering after this set for a while, Kim must be psychic :O so dainty, and beautiful! i was telling Nyann how i daren't open it up....AHHHHHHHHHHHH but how else would i use it then!?!? :(

sundae glasses
here are the sundae glasses! they put a small dent in my PP acct but i think they're worth it ^ ^ Yotsuba's gonna have different parfaits for each day of the week XD

Thank you soooooooooo much Kim!

(which reminds me, Dale once educated me on the difference between a sundae and a soft serve icecream. gee i hadn't known there was difference and i felt so silly for it hehehe )

gift/swap with Linda
looks like i hit jackpot, eh?? LOL!

Linda of wanted to send me some papers she printed herself, and i was caught unawares by her package! i didn't expect this huge haul of items and materials for mini use! as in all my swap requests, i would ask for utensils, kitchenware etc. since i enjoy collecting them (you should see my re-ment and sylvanian families collection....i guess that's my cue to put 'em together for a photoshoot haha )

gift/swap with Linda
i have a soft spot for cutlery. they're sooo dainty and hard to obtain in accurate 1:12 scale, so these were definitely a treat to me! i believe this is chrysnbon too..... but look also at the detail on that ham!

gift/swap with Linda
here's some of the papers she printed for me. sadly, my paper puncher just would not work on them :( i think it's too blunt, and since i can't use the puncher without the mega-aid (recurrent thumb injury) i can't seem to punch them out accurately either, and the 3 that i tried were slightly torn too :( i guess i'll have to try again another day the old fashioned way....*snip snip snip

more stuff in the mail

the basket, wooden bowl and jug in the upper right hand corner are also from Linda. I hadn't realised there was an additional film canister in the parcel, and had neglected to photograph it with the main batch of items!

the rest of the items were purchases from Talina who does amazing work and restorations. she gave me the little 'glass' bowls and pie tins ^ ^ i hope my pies made it to her safe and sound...

Thank you Talina and Linda!
serving platters by Petitplat
and of course, EVERYBODY knows Petitplat / Stephanie XD
she specially handpainted these platters for me!! look at how GORGEOUS they are :O

thank you Petitplat!
only the upper right 3 weren't painted by her. she also included the cutest cake and tart! i truly truly am in awe of her works. then again, any regular reader of this blog would know by now XD gush much? YES! :X

Thank you Stephanie!!! *huggles*

hand puppet from beckynot
and lookit this little cutie! ok i'm referring to the puppet. hwa hwa hwa. has a WICKED WICKED sense of humour! this is my 2nd swap with her...Yotsuba's super happy with her new toy!

Thank you Becky!

i need to find a way to display all my minis...the cafe has been sorely neglected and what better excuse to get it done up for all these wonderful items, eh? ok. time for bed! thank you so much everyone!!!


  1. Wow!! That's a lot of goodies you have there!! :) Wonderful!

    Pei Li

  2. gosh I wish these comes in 1:3 scale (I know they probably do :P) I'm on hunt for a 1:3 scale tray to match waitress outfit for my bigger dollfie girls :)

  3. Ohlala, you got so many pretty gifts.
    I can image how happy you are.

    Your strawberries are excellent!

  4. Firstly, your ADC work is really good. Happy that you have mastered it now as I have read about your complaints earlier.

    Secondly, I am committing big time sins here and I dare say I am usually not envious of other's swaps since I have had a few better than fab ones but these are just super nintendo gorgeous! I nearly fell off the chair with lust when I saw those lamps. They are lamps right? I am reading this in the dark here. They look like Indian lamps. I must get her contact from you. I WANT SOME, I mean I NEED some of those! Let me know . Her flickr album does not show her minis (very hard to navigate).

  5. hee hee i am soooo lucky eh!

    Peili, thanks for dropping by! ^ ^

    Chun, i think you can get some large-ish ones from those baking type toy sets? they used to be popular here back when i was a kid XD maybe you could look around? alternatively, i've seen pretty decent looking trays holding those eraser foods. i might get one, if i do i'll be sure to post pics!

    thanks Oiseau! i do so like making the strawberries ^ ^

    Sans, you can contact her directly via flickrmail. i don't wish to give out her contact sabotaging here! moreover, they are working lamps, i just don't have the right equipment to light them. a new skill for me to pick up! and thanks for the kind words, i haven't yet mastered ADC but you can probably tell i don't give up easily either :P


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