Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato.....




  1. They look good enough to eat! Good job.

  2. thanks Linda, Stephanie and Teresa!

    (had to translate the last comment LOL! yay googletranslate!)

  3. They look so realistic!
    I would love to know how you made the air bubbles in the bread, if this isn't a secret, of course ;-))

  4. hihi!
    if you dun remb me ( or obviously, u carn tell by my name) haha havockid frm dA, SGdeviant admin and nomnom-shop owner here :D haha

    meh ive been coming alot recently, just never commented @_@ i think i just drool at ur miniatures then run away @______@
    decided to comment today! haha

    bah! am working on doing miniatures, since im doin A lvl art teacher actually suggested doing miniatures for my coursework, which is pretty interesting
    but im making the world's scariest big headed mutant human ever T_T
    i think i'll ahve to keep workign on it, though i do agree my sculpey's floppyness is getting on my nerves :( but.. will haev to live with it!
    bleh i really liek the daiso(bottle) tip!! i swear daiso shld be set up EVERYWHERE. like. 7/11 or sumthing. but i dunno wad to use it for o.O..

    well been nice talking to u :DD look forward to more yummy makes! i have to resist eating ur clay really soon @____@..

  5. Bonjour Cindy, there is one award waiting for you on my blog. Love, Oiseau

  6. Super duper nice! Yummer yum yums!

  7. thanks everyone!

    Anthoula, i have blogged frequently about the process. it's quite a bit to read through, but i didn't want to do my friend Tomohachi, who so generously provided the recipe, injustice.
    her works are definitely worth a look :)

    hi yz! thanks for dropping by and commenting, GANBATTE O~~!

    Oiseau, thank you, i don't do awards/memes mainly cos i don't know who else to link to, since everyone else i know seems to know everyone else and they've already been awarded many times over Hahaha! never did chain letters as a kid either :X but thank you for thinking of me!

    Sans, know where we can get a nice BLT sammich in SG? :P


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