Thursday, February 11, 2010

Introducing: Nyann

beautiful madelines and her oh-so-cute-strawberry-stalks!!!!
omnomnom, creampuffs, i'd like to try making these someday soon, these look scrumptious :9
and as she puts it, her 'zebraberries' XD see those cute strawberry stalks!?!?!

and this!!! THIS IS ACHIEVED WITH AIR DRY CLAY STUFF!!!! no baking, no messy fiddling with liquid polymer clay and baking! GOR-JUS! where i have failed, she's succeeded!!!

i'd like to introduce my friend, Nyann. i first got to know her via my blog, and i went snooping around hers, to discover that she's also from Singapore, around my age (YESSS!!!!) and although rather new to this mini-food hobby, her potential is immense! look at all her kawaii cute and realistic works! you probably would have noticed me mention her in some of my previous posts, where we were at the same event where Asuka held a booth too ^ ^

we have since been chatting online almost daily, i adore her sense of humour and her willingness to share. she's far more patient than i am with regards to her process, and boy does she have sources. head on over to her blog to see quite a bit of work-in-progress pics, as well as places where you can get air dry clay stuff.

don't forget about her flickr account! she takes beautiful pictures of daily stuff as well ^ ^

ok Nyann. next time we go jalan-jalan, dinner's on you ;)


send her some love!!


  1. Wah! Thank you for the introduction! *_* I feel bad the donuts are taken on the sheet of stained plastic though XD.

    And dinner on me when I get my April bonus. We go for a good one! No Waraku, I know. Haha!!


  2. hahah NO LA I JOKING NIA LA!!! i so gian-png meh :( i know i got greedy face, i blame that on my bf XD XD XD learn from him de!!!

    <3, you deserve it la, not that i know how many ppl actually read my crap XD

  3. What a find! You have an excellent eye at scouting out artists :D ! I have added Nyann's links on the mini food blog sidebar already!

  4. hee hee Sumaiya, she's such a gem :P I have also added a new link to the left of my blog for all my 'Introductions' XD

    i really wish i had more time to surf around, it's really fun seeking out like-minded miniaturists! ^ ^

  5. Huhu Singapore is so small that Nyan knows you too lol keep up the lovely work both of you ^^!

  6. muahahahhahahahahahahaha
    *smirking with Snowfern to Nyann*
    *pat nyann on the back* GOOOODDDD LUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!
    XD XD XD

  7. yeah, Singapore team is so intelligent and gets stronger and stronger!

  8. Sumaiya>Thanks for the inclusion! :) I'm really glad!

    Wah! Asuka! Why are you smirking! I will punish you later! Oiseau> I love your blog! I jus visited it yesterday too. And Chun, when you come back to Singapore for visit, we must get together! :D

    (Snowfern's blog entry is now a chat-box... fufufuu...)

  9. chitchat away! ^ ^ i <3 that my friends are friends of my friends too! o.O O.o


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