Monday, February 8, 2010

More experiments and sushi

failure to mold

i tried and failed 4 times at molding this bugger with my alley goop. i'm thinking either 1) i didn't get the ratio right 2) it's too small a volume to mold properly 3) i didn't mix it well enough.

but when i did use a larger amount of molding compound, it still messed up. sigh. looks like i'll have to find another way to do this.

it's supposed to be a cookie/pineapple tart base :( the shiny stuff on it is the leftover silicone goop that seems to like to stick to it. :( i never have this problem when molding larger objects. so this is a major annoyance and waste of expensive silicone compound :( if i feel up to it, i might do a resin mold instead. the air dry one i made seems to be -ok- just that the details aren't as refined, and it's bound to deteriorate after i subject to the abuse intended for this 'project'.

less of a failure this time

well this experiment didn't turn out too badly. i tried out the polymer clay + thinner + baking soda method by Garie Sim and it seems to be working fairly well. the thinner is giving me a high though XD

the cakes are displayed on a plate painted by Petitplat which i received as part of a swap ^ ^ i have been really pampered lately, and will do a proper post on all the items i've received recently...

sushi rolls in one third

california maki in one third

and progress on the commission i'm working on. these were the hardest to make of the whole commission. it accounts for why i've 'disappeared' somewhat the past few days. the different parts have to be mixed, baked, assembled, re-baked, individual grains of rice stuck on, re-baked, then the 'eggs' stuck on....i originally was going to make them approx 2cm wide, but realised that would be totally out of scake with regards to the crab stick. these are approx. 1/2" or 1.25cm wide, which translates to 1 1/2" or 3.75cm wide in real life (1:3 scale). i think this size works better with the rest of the sushi rolls....and hope my customer thinks the same too > <

Chinese New Year is approaching, and i'm still quite behind on my swaps and posts...i hope to be back on my personal projects soon i have soooooo many ideas teeming in my noggin!


  1. I though the sushi was real!! xD
    amazing job as always dear :)

  2. I have stopped thinking the pics you post are real food cos I know what you do but that does not stop them from looking real! Great job!

    Speaking of failed attempts, I have given in and bought the liquid resin and hardener from art friend. Will experiment when I return from my trip:).

  3. thank you ahoaho!

    Sans, i hope you got the envirotex one. that's the low fume, less toxic epoxy. the other polyester stuff is NASTY from what i've read...

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