Sunday, February 21, 2010

Swan Cream Puff Madness

i had been wanting to make these for a while now, and the bug has bitten Asuka as well XD we're still waiting on Nyann for her version, which should be coming up soon :D

i love this pic. i think it's time for a new avatar XD

back view of the cream butt, as Asuka puts it XD

swan vs puffs. ok i'd originally planned to make more swans, but making the neck is such a chore, i wasted sooo much clay and only got 2 reasonably good ones. which is why you only see 2 different swan sizes XD

it all starts with the cream puff, yes? i hadn't realised how addictive/fun ADC is till i embarked on this project. i have another 24 cream puff blanks waiting to be coloured and turned into an army of swan puffs :P

sacrificed and turned a foam board thingy into a hedgehog. these days i try to take better shots early in the day (weather permitting) so that i don't have to fiddle around with the flimsy and sucky lightbox i made. i mean it works, but nothing beats natural light.

cherry bun

i have been meaning to do more big/small pics....this one is not all that accurate, but heck. i think they're cute :D i will refine it a little more, add a dash more colour.....that means i have to purchase more of these delish cherry buns hehehehe

ok. so that's what i've been up to lately. have more non-clay minis planned....i hope they work out well ; ;

g'nite :)


  1. I love those swans so much!!
    Is the larger one 1/3rd scale?

  2. the cream puff looks great!!!!! yum yum...

    Denise Pang

  3. Girl you amaze me with each new item you put up! These swans are fantastic. =D
    BTW there is a little bit of Sunshine for you over on my blog!

  4. Your butts are fabulous ! ;p But where can I buy a swam butt? never seen one before. Look like it belong to some renaissance cake shop :). You making one?

  5. thanks fairywhiz, Denise, disarmywife and Sans!

    lol swan butts. gotta credit Asuka again for that catchy name. :P i have never seen these in local patisseries either, but i used to see them in cookbooks, on the internet etc...i like it more than the typical cream puffs, while they're exactly the same stuff they look soooo much more delectable!

  6. oh fairywhiz oops, yea that one's in 1:4 but could pass for a smallish 1:3 scale puff :D


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