Monday, February 8, 2010

Congratulations Luc!

giveaway 2

giveaway 2 winner

Congrats Luc!!!i will be attempting to contact you shortly ^ ^ his/her pet phrase...kinda makes me laugh. cos it takes on a rather different meaning in our local context XD

"moi pet phrase ish... "帮个忙" aka "help lah"... s22"

i think the winner is a 'he' because....i often hear this only amongst army guys haha!

and a big thank you to everyone who played along! i have found myself recently testing out the new pet phrases i've learnt...some were really strange....XD i want so much to play favourites but i think it's funnier if you just read through ALL of the pet phrases yourself! you can read the responses here

again, gratz Luc!


  1. moi ish sho rucky...

    xie xie snow fern zeh zeh... s34

  2. wei i emailed you you never reply :(

    can mail me your name & addy pls? i hope to send out your parcel tomorrow! ^ ^

  3. forgot about my gmail... =X

    replied chiu riaos... :)



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