Thursday, March 4, 2010

i love my new workspace!

and my work!

i got myself a new workspace!!! cousin very helpfully assisted me in transporting the table home in her awesome car (the back seats flip down!!!) and then bf came over to help fix it up....i moved the oven into the room, YAY!!!! am still sorting out my boxes and boxes of materials and far i'm looooooooooooving it! will take pics once i'm done sorting ^ ^

so what else have i been busy with?

1:4 scale PB Celery & PBSJ Sammiches
1:4 polymer clay peanut butter celery sticks & air dry clay peanut butter strawberry jam sandwiches.

1:4 scale PB Celery & PBSJ Sammiches
closeup of the celery sticks. details were painted on (the green dots, can you see them?) this was a fun and challenging commission, since i wanted the bread slices to be more realistic, i had to bake ADC and as always, it's a nerve-wracking experience since you never know if the process would work. especially since i scaled it up to 1:4.

but i think overall it did :)

completed 1 3 donuts
deja vu? haha! these donuts seem to be very popular! here we have 4 more in 1:3 scale, i do so enjoy making these...however.......

completed 1 3 donuts 2
that feathered donut refused to co-operate :( i had to wipe off the liquid polymer clay at least 3 times before i got it right. grrrrrrrrrr

1:3 ispahans
ispahans in 1:3....approx 1.7cm wide and tall. polymer clay. finally completed these too, i think i promised to make these before CNY XD XD XD

what else? well i got a pleasant surprise last night! over on my deviantArt account, i logged in to see that i had 147 activity messages and comments. on any typical day, i'd be lucky to get maybe 2-3 messages. 147!?!?!? LOL as i suspected, one of my pictures made it to the Daily Deviation section...i'm not very familiar with the whole deal since i use dA somewhat like a photo storage account/portfolio....and the messages and comments came in all through the night, i must have had almost 400 messages. i went to bed, and woke up to 500++ more messages! and a few questions regarding commissions..

it's all rather new to me...and i'm very flattered by all the attention! if you're curious as to which photo it can view it here: tired from a day of shopping ;) g'nite world!


  1. I have NEVER heard of celery peanut butter!!! Whoever eats that?? I didn't know that dA can draw this kind of audience. Well done, girl.
    That's another channel for work.

    I too had some queries about selling my hookahs. Grand total of 2 queries! lol

    When things have died down, I must buy you lunch soon. When you feel like coming to town?

  2. SANS! i think the celery peanut butter thing is a 'healthy' snack that's pretty common in USA? i remember references to it in several movies and magazines back in my teen years....i hate celery, it has a strong raw vege taste, but when stir fried i can still enjoy it somewhat. good for lowering blood pressure :P

    hahaha you are so creative with your items! i see that you have the 'mini eyes' too, seeing possibilities everywhere for mini making opportunities XD

    free lunch? there is such a thing? XD i should be free next week! let's go mini hunting! XD XD XD

  3. congratulations on your newfound success on deviant!! and your new workstation :)

  4. Cindy, that is so cool about the deviantart! :) Good for you, dear! :)

    Yes, it is a healthy snack here. I don't eat it though, peanut butter is good. :) I had boiled, pureed celery in Paris as a side dish and it was divine! Now, that's the way to eat it. ;)

    I love, love, love the donuts. :)
    They look so real! :)

    I wanna go to lunch! ;)

  5. thanks May! ^ ^ it's not really a 'success' i think it's sheer luck heheh

    Dale, ewww pureed celery *faints* i guess i'd have to go all the way to Paris then to be able to appreciate it proper :P :P :P

    let's rendezvous for lunch at Sans' place! XD


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