Monday, March 15, 2010

more, and better (i hope!) swan cream puffs

swans in love

side view

top view

back view

air dry clay swan cream puffs in 1:3 scale, a customer request. i made these slightly more 'cooked' looking this time, as i felt the first experimental ones were too anaemic looking XD haven't yet informed my customer, i hope she likes these.......

yotsuba would enjoy these
so of course i had to make more in 1:12. they are also darker than the last attempt, i much prefer this colour. the cream i applied differently, they're not quite uniform but i have found that i much prefer it this way. it's more interesting to look at, more 'realistic' since i highly doubt in real life, swan cream puffs are made perfectly uniform, and much more fun to make. i don't have to fret over whether it's all 'perfect'. it's less stressful this way too! :P
what is she planning

project petit

whose luggage is this

and i've got mail!!!! woohoo! i bid for some items off evilbay, and these arrived today! the office lady re-ment sets! i didn't want the whole series, the only item i REALLY REALLY REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY wanted for the longest time...was that pink suitcase. so that little coffee tumbler was really appealing too. and that in-out organizer tray. and those curlers. but i digress. I FINALLY GOT IT YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i originally did not want to include Yotsuba in the setup....but i don't have a suitably sized doll nor furniture to play out the scene. it then became somewhat as if Yotsuba were playing dressup. and since i can't dress her up (technically i couldn't cos i couldn't undress her ROFL) she has to do 'pretend play'. can't do the whole "let's help momma pack" scene either since in the manga, she only has a dad. far as i've read anyway. shoot i wanna go finish reading it but curse this short attention span. where was i?

oh yes. so there she is, packing the essentials. her nightmare-before-christmas Zero purse, her eye (ok face) mask so she can sleep better (the nightlight irritates her yet she has to have it on) and her bunny to hug to sleep!

i wish i had more exciting and new items to show ya. the closest i've got are the curtains. you can view the pics i took just after i completed them on my flickr :)

off to find some lunch.


  1. I too love those rement but I suspect they are not 1:12. And I can't stand having to buy them blind folded (ie in boxes where you do not know what you are getting). Plus they are not India and way too modern! :)

    They suit you to a T though. So keep showing them ok? Now where curlers? where tumbler?

  2. The Yotsuba pictures are so funny and cute. I like how she manages to just fit into the 'scene' and everything you have around you. Haha.


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