Sunday, March 7, 2010

1:12 Cookies, and a dollmeet ^ ^

julia usher inspired cookies 2

julia usher inspired cookies

So. i was nearly late for a get-together cos i was busy going blind and developing RSI on my right wrist from putting the microbeads on them. in case you're wondering, that's not a huge dime, those grid lines represent 1mm squares. which means the microbeads are barely 1mm wide.

Nyann and i came across a cookbook whilst out shopping last week, and she went on to find the website (i'd forgotten the name by the time i got home, frankly i don't think i even remembered to look for the author's name). the bug would not leave my brain and i finally got some time to make these. to see the original beauuutiful cookies, you can view Julia Usher's site here:

swan puff medley
it's probably clear to some that these are Nyann's, Asuka's and my take on the swan cream puff XD we had taken this project on as a challenge, and also to see how differently we could do the same item.

swan butts
even their BUTTS look different! LMAO!

pick them out from the lineup
yea. mine are the anaemic looking ones XD i used ADC for this challenge, and was not comfortable nor confident of colouring the puffs. but that's changed somewhat, my new puffs will be slightly more 'cooked' looking ahahaha.

i'm happy to see that my own style is beginning to emerge. i think. ;P

swan on juri
what are you holding, Julia
Nyann recently got her 1:4 ball-jointed doll! this is Julia...isn't she pretty? behind her is Cindy H's Asya ^ ^ i borrowed Julia's hand to see how the swan puff worked out size-wise, i think it's pretty good at this size. would make for a small 1:3 though. but that's alright too, foods come in various sizes anyway :D

kiki's a kool kat
Asuka's waiting for hers, so meanwhile, Kiki is keeping her doll's hat warm. XD
Asya sitting pretty
a closer look at Asya! that robot pendant is making me go NGHGHGHGHHGHGHG inside AUGHH!!! it has moveable joints! yea i know, i tend to fixate over details rather than the dolls themselves XD

'twas a fun meet! had lots of laughs and we were pretty noisy (as always, should have heard us Nyann-ing loudly in the middle of Daiso, Cindy H probably rolled her eye sockets sore HAHA ) am looking forward to more!!!

(but never going back to that meeting spot, beautiful ambience, but the icecream tasted dodgy, i highlighted it to our server and we got our drinks exchanged, but the food was a tad overpriced for the quality and portions too. too bad, the lighting was pretty nice, just that i take crappy photos hehehe)

am also in the midst of moving my blog back to blogspot's server since blogger is removing ftp publishing from 1st may 2010....i hope none of my posts/pics go missing :(


  1. What's with the crazy trend with swan food? I just watched an episode of "Tudor" and the last scene was Henry VIII getting excited when he was served with a human pie ( I think) hidden in a beautiful swan. He tore off one wing savagely and then dig his hands into the pie, grabbed one fistful and put the meat in his mouth with the gooey gravy coming down his mouth.

    Is that how your doll will look like when they bite into your swan butt?

    By the way, the cooked version is outstanding.

    Is it next week already? How about next week after 17th? Will email you. How's the hands?

    O yes, your pics are not centered, or maybe I should read your post in lesser resolution?

  2. yanno, i keep wanting to watch "The Tudors" (i'm assuming you're referring to the BBC series?) but kept forgetting haahaha.
    that imagery is so gory, i can almost imagine Kiva making a mini of it XD maybe i shld, for this year's Halloween theme :P

    after 17th would be good! be forewarned, i'm really awkward and gawkish in person :X my hands are a little sore, i'm rubbing liniment into it nightly, but i don't think it'll ever heal proper :(

    i'll come up with a new template for my blog "some day". i didn't centre the pics, i get lazy :X and honestly, working the stylus is better than using a mouse, but it still hurts. grrr.


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