Monday, March 8, 2010

My new blog...

i know it doesn't look all that much different, except i'll prob be nagging ppl to view links to the RIGHT ------>>>>>>>

 instead of the left XD

well, also, if you've already subscribed to my old RSS or atom feeds, sorry, you're going to have to redo it :( my new URL is at

but the DNS of will still refer you to this blog. so if you wish to receive updates on my posts etc, you'd have to subscribe again....sorry for the inconvenience :(

ok! back to minis! i hope to update soon, spent most of today fiddling with this blog and making sure i didn't lose all my 'followers' kekekeke



  1. How can we tell if we are following the real blog?

  2. Hi Dale!

    the other one hosted on my own server is no longer updated and there's no way to get back to it since will always point you back here.

    this will be (hopefully) my final home for my blog....if you look at the address bar while viewing the blog, it says instead of

    the only difference is that for those who have included my old blog in their reading list, they will have to re-subscribe to get new updates....sigh :( now i can't even update them on the update of the updates! ha ha ha *winces*

  3. YIPEEEEEE YAY! You finally did it and migrate to blogspot! Can I tell you I could never get updated on the old blog? I have to go to my bookmarks and then click on your website to check if you have any new post. Can you imagine the pain I go through just for you ? ;p

    Now I get updated on blogspot. Great job!

  4. haha Sans! thanks for making the effort ; ; it's funny, i have a programming background but web programming is one of those things i hate to fiddle with. i'm not sure why either..i guess mainly because it has a more 'design' or 'decorative' aspect to it, which makes procrastinating all-too-easy XD

    i don't know if other ppl have noticed the changes, or started re-following, is there a social convention to online networking? should i inform them individually?? wouldn't it be kinda rude and forward to do so?! augh! this whole social networking thing is too too difficult!


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