Wednesday, March 31, 2010

strawberry cakes & more macarons

strawberry cakes

strawberry cakes 2

strawberry cakes 3

like some of you probably know i have been doing a few larger scaled commissions, and the bulk of it comes from Den of Angels (DoA), a ball-jointed doll forum. if you're a member and have at least 40 posts, you can view my marketplace and commission threads:

these are my latest commissions, in 1:4 scale.^ ^

macarons too

macarons side by side
the ever popular macarons. i honestly honestly HONESTLY considered never ever EVER making these again. not only are they kind of hellish to make in larger scales (i don't use molds), the mixing of the colours are TORTURE on my wrists/hands. but beggars can't be choosers, and i really do need the $. so i guess i'll have to suck it up and keep making these for as long as people want 'em. =3=

old vs new
the ones on top are for my customer. my first attempt at this commission is pictured below. ok, so why did i torture myself twice? or, 12 times? because after making the first batch, i realised that it was slightly blockish, and i wasn't quite satisfied with the colours. my customer requested the fillings to be lighter coloured, almost close to white, but can you see the fillings for the 4 lighter colours look...well, WHITE! GAH!

 i couldn't. i just couldn't let it go. i thought, heck. i'll sleep on it and let my customer decide if she likes it. BUT I COULDN'T LET IT GO. AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!! so i made another batch.  btw. each  batch took me almost 4 hrs to complete. no, i wasn't multi-tasking or anything, i just REALLY DO WORK THAT SLOWLY. i think cos i had to mix up the colours, condition the clay, and GET THE FRIGGING @#$)*@#&$*#& DUST out of the clay AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, shape, bake, cool, mix up filling colours, rebake, cool etc....

maybe i should turn the room into a clean room, like those in silicone wafer factories or summat XD might be better for my allergies too HA!

aaand, of course there will always be waste clay. this batch of sprinkles i made from the first 'failed' batch of macarons. haven't yet rolled out the rest of the oddly coloured clay. thought of making jellybeans, but i really should rest my hands. they ache to the point of numbness now, which is something new.

what else has been happening. hrm. well you can go to my flickr and view some pics of some beautiful dolls. had an outing last saturday, 'twas great fun, which is driving me to try and work harder on earning $ so i can get my own.

i have found myself tiring out increasingly easily these past weeks. the thirst simply cannot be slaked (literal thirst) and the tests tomorrow .....well, i get the feeling the results aren't gonna be good. but i guess being sickly since childhood does somewhat numb one into a "ah well" or "ARRGHGHG I HATE THE WORLD" state. right now i think i'm smack in the middle of both. but i have more stuff i'm working on (personal mini projects) and am trying hard to get out of a 'one-trick pony' etsy-store-limbo.

oh and btw, just a reminder, the blog is now hosted on . ok. time for bed.



  1. You have truly mastered the making of the macarons, thou Macaron Master or MM for short :). I hope to try some clay too. For the 1st time :).

    No matter the outcome of those tests, we will be here if you feel like ranting or raving.

  2. oh man. no more macarons. *grimaces at thought* clay isn't all that hard to work if your hands are strong! can't wait to see what you dream up, you're so creative, i'm envious T_T

    well, the results weren't bad after all XD which is odd, i haven't been exactly watching my diet, so i'm all confused now. but i'm a lot less moody, just a little directionless is all. ok maybe i still am moody ha ha. bleh.

    thanks for listening. :) *huggles* OK NO MORE MOPEY ENTRIES!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I do think the colors are perfect! I would be glad with them if I were the customer. You also need to 慰勞 your hands and wrists. It's really a tough work. I understand now how come you were silent yesterday! XD


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