Sunday, January 3, 2010

Introducing: Yeo Mini Store

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Asuka is a bad bad bad bad bad enabler ;P

Madam Ang gave me her address a long time ago, and i'd written it on a receipt and tucked it away and promptly forgot about it, since Changi always seemed so far away...well it still is, with the help of my evil enabler, Asuka, we (including "the other Cindy" (yes we refer to you as that, SORRY!)) went hunting for the store after Asuka showed me the link to the teapot set ; ;

the sizes are a tad varied, oddly scaled pieces, but they seem to work mostly if you're not too bothered by it.

she sells plenty of marked sets of Re-ment and Megahouse as well ^ ^ along with some discontinued sets. so if you're ever in the area....go find her!

Blk 57A New Upper Changi Rd
#01-1384 Singapore 462057

====UPDATE==== 09 Jan 2011
last i heard she's stopped selling minis but i haven't verified personally (live too far from changi to go check) but her website is still up, so....can anyone confirm this????


  1. awwww.... you shot me! i feel hurt XP

  2. What's an enabler?

    Too coincidental, my sis just handed me this yeomini's card and told me she has a fab collection. Apparently, my sis found her at Parkway Parade! I must go check out her website soon.

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  4. Thanks for the link, Snowfern! Great site.

  5. YVW! and you have a wonderful blog :O :O :O


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