Monday, July 13, 2009

Introducing: Madam Ang

I popped by Madam Ang's a few weeks ago, this is her current WIP. Pictured are sausages, abalone, pork belly and prawns, 'simmered' in a dark soy sauce broth.

a whole steamboat buffet! pretty typical CNY reunion dinner fare here in Singapore.

roasted suckling pig for special festive occasions like an elder's 80th birthday, a chinese wedding dinner or birth of a child.

peking duck! with chopped spring onions and hoi sin (oyster) sauce.
and my favourite of all her items, the Nonya Kueh display! these little cakes are often made with glutinous rice flour and coconut milk, you should try some if you visit Singapore!

Madam Ang was too shy to be photographed but she took out her favourite displays and asked if I could showcase the more typical local fare, we were both aware that majority of her caucasian customers are more keen on the bakery items but those are not her specialties! I concurred and happily snapped away at all her latest mini works!

Most of her items are of 1:8th or 1:10th scale, which I believe is more popular in European countries like Germany (can someone kindly verify this?) and made mostly of air dry clay. She also holds classes on how to create such beautiful local delicacies found in Singapore.

Since Yahoo closed their blogs, Madam Ang no longer has an online showcase, but I have already recommended Blogger to her, let's hope we see her presence online again soon!

You can view some of her previous works here:

If you're in Singapore, you can find her at the following address:

Sunshine Plaza
91 Bencoolen Street
Singapore 189652
(Closed :( )

But! You can now keep in touch with her on her facebook page!



  1. I missed her :o( but I had the best :o))
    Yes, 1/10 scale is more popular in Germany where Bodo Henning works.
    It would be much simpler for most Europeans as well but we kept the Imperial misures and we stuck to 1/12.
    How is your office ? still honey mooning with the new space ? Hugs, Rosanna

  2. Hi Rosanna!~~ this was actually a really old post, but i was trying to sort out my blog and with the new blogger interface accidentally updated an old post with a new date -_-" she's still selling but if i'm not wrong no longer able to sell supplies :(

    the office is great! i'm finally getting into the 'feel' of things, working on course syllabuses now and adjusting things so potential students can feel comfy here ^ ^

    *big big hugs!*


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