Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4th anniversary pressie!

4th anniversary pressie!
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ok so i often forget about our anniversary, and today he went down to simlim specially to pick up this present for me...omg just thinking about it is making me tear up again...

i didn't even get him anything! we pretty much celebrate our r/s as and when we can, why just pick the one day a year, right? but this has GOT to be one of the awesomest gifts he's ever given me!! *touched*

Thank you L <3 <3 <3!


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  1. AWWWW cindy! that is so sweet of your bf! i often have to nudge and pinpoint mine in the right direction "ohh just get me something to do with my passion. and you know what my PASSION is!" during my birthdays or anniversaries. but sometimes he still deviates (to surprise me i think? haha HMM). It'll be our 2nd anni in aug, let's see what he gets then. haha. and it's wonderful that your eyes have this magnifying lamp now! it's not cheap right! :)

    happy 4th anniversary too! :)


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