Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cupcake Casings and Muffins....and my first Shabby Chic Tray!

are muffins cupcakes?
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so. since Paris Miniatures posted up their cupcake casings, I'd been sorely reminded of my failed casings a month back (will post pics of those once i find them, doubt i chucked them i hardly chuck anything :X) so with renewed vengeance and clenched jaws, i present you.... not so perfect cupcake casings. BUT! i think they look pretty good!

there's also a shabby chic tray available! i'm really fond of this one i'm keeping one for myself, maybe make a few more this week if there's any interest...otherwise i really hope to get back to work on my roombox :D i bought a whole buncha stuff recently, am waiting for them to arrive! my paypal is empty :X bf offered his, but it's kinda hollow sounding too > <

all available on my etsy. do take a look and tell me what you think!


  1. These tiny cupcake casings you made are exquisite without doubt!
    *I have been visiting your Etsy shop; they are so cute!

    I will follow your instruction and find a magnifying glass for myself.
    Otherwise it must decrease my eyesight for doing such tiny stuffs! @.@

    You are really patient! :D

  2. thank you thank you! your items are far cuter than mine imma try hard to be as good as you!

    yes my eyes are so tired all the time from working the minis....:( even with the magnifying glass! remember to take breaks often... @ @ ! !


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