Thursday, July 30, 2009

almost a hundred hearts on Etsy!

almost there!
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thanks to my team mates, CDHM and flickr, i'm almost at 100 hearts! admittedly, i have been chatting quite a little too cos i can't seem to sleep lately, and yesterday was strange, had a few hearts but don't know where the exposure was from (perhaps cos i put up new items?)

it's hard for me to figure out the nuts and bolts of Etsy selling, the past few days i've had pretty consistent sales, which is good considering how bad i've been lately. i blew all my paypal credits on ebay :O and not even supplies! (which have been what i've been spending what i earned on)

so...NO MORE SPENDING UNTIL AFTER STGCC! i wanna go this year so badly since i missed last year...please KEEP ME AWAY FROM EVILBAY!


  1. Wow, you have made so many new posts and none of them appear on my dashboard! When I click on your blog on my dashboard, nothing loads. I have been having loads of problems with blogger thanks to singnet ( I think). Is blogger acting up for you too, Cindy? Seeing as we both are here in Singapore..

    Anyway, great cakes and casings.

    So hearts for Etsy is like stars for ebay..learn something new everyday!

  2. Hi Sans!

    no no it's not like hearts, that's a different rating? it's like when people "heart" your store, it's like a bookmark for them. stars etsy's feedback rating i think (100% so far, *fingers crossed*)

    i don't know much about ebay except that it drains my paypal acct LOL

    mm i don't know about blogger and singnet problems, but a few days ago blogger pages wouldn't load for me either. my site is hosted elsewhere, i use blogger to update the blog...i think it's something to do with my RSS feed settings (i messed it up recently but set it right again, feeds seem to be updating to theminifoodblog?)

    so it could be blogger sites vs non-blogger site RSS feeds that are messed up, not singnet :D

    you back from Thailand???


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