Friday, July 17, 2009

goldfish crackers again!

goldfish compare
Originally uploaded by Snowfern

i put some up for sale on my etsy, but those are the 'normal' ones...these, i haven't made the packaging yet but they should be ready week at the rate i'm working LOL

on a sadder note, I LOST MY DIME! *cries* that shiny dime i use in pictures is LOST! i hope i haven't accidentally tossed it out when i was packing my table yesterday....sigh...i guess i'll have to make do with a penny :(

spare a dime, anyone?



  1. oh.. u are killing me.. haha...
    how do these taste in real life? I never eaten them below or saw the colorful version. Now got the urge to buy some.

  2. haha! mmm how to say. you know those chicken in a biscuits? they taste a -little- like them (original), not as salty.

    the colourful ones are cheddar flavour, alittle saltier than the original ones, slight cheese flavour. i snack on them once in a while, usually after i take photos HAHA!

    there was an offer on the colourful ones in watson recently, i think $4.50 a pack? but i bought mine for $3.95 per pack in cold storage a few weeks back when there was an offer too...... :D

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