Monday, July 13, 2009

Raspberry Vanilla Cupcakes Prep Board

Raspberry Vanilla Cupcakes Prep Board
Originally uploaded by Snowfern

my very first prep board!

i think i like it :)

now available on my etsy store! everything handmade by me except for the stainless steel spoon and the tiny ceramic bowl holding the raspberries....the mixing bowl holding the frosting is made out of epoxy resin!


  1. Oh my, I love it! It looks so yummy!!


  2. the last time i made raspberries for my white choc tart, i nearly drove myself crazy rolling the micro balls. the worst was when ten micro balls was only ONE raspberry! hahaha.

    well done for your prep board, so pink and pretty! :)

  3. Very pretty prep board. Those cupcakes look delicious!

  4. What wonderful goodies you make! Glad to have found you and thank you for following my little blog. I am not nearly as accomplished and have not as much time for mini's as some in our circle of friends but I love them and hope to open a mini Etsy shop soon! You do great work. How do you do on Etsy?


  5. Thanks everyone!

    Jody, i'm not sure if it's my pricing or lack of exposure, but i count myself lucky if i get at least a sale a weekend :( or maybe the distance puts off some people cos i'm all the way in Singapore!

    but i don't mind so much because i make minis mainly as a way to pass time, and cos i love them so much :) etsy is another place for me to showcase my work and i have joined a great team (GO TEAM MIDS!) who are friendly and supportive!

    for the little time you have for minis, you do really awesome work :P i spend sooo much time with minimal results sigh....but i try, i try!


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