Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rose Tutorial this sunday!

quarterscale toys
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just a reminder, i'll be uhh....instructing? hehe this coming Sunday on CDHM.org's forum, 1:12th scale roses for cakes!

so remember to register and turn up for it if you're interested :)

ok, so the picture isn't related, but this is part of a commission to fill up a quarterscale toy box. i toyed around (haha) with some pastel colours and felt that it wasn't vibrant enough at such a tiny scale (somehow brighter colours seem to work better at smaller scales, or is it just me?) so i opted to stick with primary colours for the 'theme'.

the colourful balls were the toughest to make IMO. it's hard to get a perfectly spherical shape by hand, and at such a scale it's a nightmare. after much fiddling i got the balls somewhat right, not perfectly spherical but IMO they look like the blow up beach balloons that i used to play with decades ago! hee hee the stacking rings are my fave, more because you can actually take them off the stand ^ ^

the colourful blocks were a nightmare to make. at first i tried to shape some into cubes, and gave that up real quick since it just seemed ridiculous trying to achieve what only machines can. so i baked some clay first and cut them into shapes i wanted. which is also another nightmare at that size. 1.5mm wide, the cubes are at least stackable, but i must point out that they would be rather wobbly stacks LOL!

ok that's it for tonight. the duckies are all baked and ready to be photographed and put up on my etsy i have had quite a few requests for those but i'd been busy...now my hands are all cramped up from the mini work today so i might have to take a break tomorrow.

g'nite all :)

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