Sunday, July 12, 2009

More animal cupcakes, and frustrations

fresh from the oven
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i'm awaiting response on these cupcakes, i think my customer has been too busy lately to reply :( i hope that's the case!

that aside, i ran around singapore trying in vain to purchase a PME 42C rope tip. on, some members have recommended we use these tips to make the wonderful meringues, however it seems it is not available here :(

and guess what, when i tried to purchase online, they quoted me a shipping cost of almost USD$42!!! i nearly fainted. i don't mind that they need me to verify and validate my address, but USD$42 for 2 tiny icing tips???? that cost USD$10? the hair on the back of my head prickles just thinking about it.

i've already mailed them and hope that their shipping calculator is faulty....i really am unable to afford paying that much for a 'want' and not a 'need' :( :(

is anyone out there willing to help me purchase these on my behalf?

*sighs heavily*

ok anyway. got a new batch of cupcakes in the oven, and will be making more tomorrow, i'm thinking if she doesn't respond by monday i will have to reject the order and list them up on etsy which kind of upsets me since i spent alot of time working on this request :(

*sighs even heavier*

g'nite :( let's hope i can get some sleep....


  1. Those cupcakes are so adorable. I am sure that the buyer will commit to her agreement to buy them. Sometimes I takes a while for a customer to respond. A little reminder might be helpful.
    Anyway, they are absolutely adorable. Well done!

  2. oh no i hope that customer replies! crossing my fingers for you! by the way, i feel your pain about shipping costs too. i just got a mail back from polymerclayexpress, they quoted "We use the US postal service
    for order weighing less than 4 pounds---we recommend the flat rate small box or envelope---cost is $13

    for larger orders----up to 20 pounds----we use the flat rate for $45 insured or $55 for the larger box

    also---will place on the customs form that it is a gift of art supplies valued at $20 to lessen any possible taxes for importing

    i don't really understand the last part, but $13 is a little more than i expected! :(

  3. Thanks Donna!

    Jocelyn, it's part and parcel *groans to self* of purchasing online. Clay itself isn't light, as you know. Yea, i felt stupid for paying $13 when all i purchased was 4 tiny cutters, weighing no more than 50g, and it came in a huge box stuffed with loads of newspaper, if i didn't know better i might have thought they'd sent me an empty box -_-" but i still saved a few dollars, and did not have to wait as long as i was informed by the local supplier.

    factor in the intangibles, and you might find it worthwhile afterall. however for the piping tips...i am still rather riled that i have to pay USD$42 for a less than USD$10 purchase that weighs no more than 50g and is so small...that's just wrong.

  4. I can ship you some.
    Just convo me on etsy
    So I can know what exactly you want so I can ask the seller if he's got it

    Here's the seller:

    Shipping to France would be 1,50 pounds and where you live would be an extra 3 usd


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