Saturday, July 18, 2009

dad took a nose dive today....

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ok so i didn't know what pic to use, i don't want a pictureless post!

just got back from a long night at the hospital A&E. dad got two stitches on his upper lip.

he taking his usual evening jog, and due to some renovation work going on, he hadn't noticed a cable laid across the pedestrian pathway and tripped...momentum and gravity kicked in and he earned himself a split lip. and a few other scrapes. might lose 2 of his teeth too, we'll see tomorrow after he returns from the dentist.

i, of course, made jokes about how he should tell his colleagues how much worse the -other- guy looked....ehhehe. dad kept his spirits up throughout the night, joked with nurses and doctors. the nice thing was both brothers came down to see him and middle bro gave us a ride home.

stitches should be out next friday. dad's usually very active, the past year he's lost almost 15kgs (this after he was told he had diabetes) through proper diet management and a rigid exercise regime consisting of weights and evening jogs. so this little interruption will of course not stop that feisty 62 (soon to be 63 in august!) old man!

my heart ached and i kept back tears the whole journey to the hospital. for years he's been the one accompanying me on my all-too-frequent hospital trips, and now that the roles are reversed, i know how helpless he must have felt every single time.

love you, dad. keep that upper lip dry!


  1. A big hug for you! I am sending my prayers your way, and I hope your Dad is as right as rain very very soon!

  2. no worries... i'm sure he'll recover soon :)

  3. snowfern zeh zeh's dad very fit wor! Uncle ish will recover bery fast de.


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