Thursday, July 30, 2009

i'm in a treasury!

i'm in a treasury!
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i'm in a treasury!

wooot! ok no big deal cos it's not FP....but so what? haha!

baahar is a regular chatter and i sometimes pop into chats when i can't sleep, we were discussing how difficult it is to snag one (i've never been able to make one it's always full grrr) and i recall saying something about even if i made it on a treasury i doubt anyone would notice cos my stuff's so small and i've got terrible pics....

then i woke up to this! and next to PetitPlat too! woohoo! you see those birdies??? there's more to the treasury but my monitor settings are small i can't capture everything maybe i shld go fiddle with my monitor settings or summat....OH CRAP i just did and it's at max settings :(

oh forgot to add the link to it, please send it some love!

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  1. Congratulations~ I do understand your happiness! XD
    C'est superbe! Continue showing us everything beautiful!


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