Friday, July 17, 2009

14000 views on my Flickr!

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yay~ first off, i like the number 7 and all multiples of it, especially the even ones! i don't know why, have always been this particular about numbers since i was a child! and i'm not sure if anyone notices, but whenever i make stuff, i try to make them in batches of 7 (time and material permitting), or price them in multiples of 7, or...ok nevermind... :P

so when i happened to look at the number of views i got on Flickr, i was pleasantly surprised to see such a nice even number! i seldom look at it, last i looked it was at 10k+ and i was all grumpy thinking "why did i miss the nice number to screencap"....

well, i got my doll mostly done for the contest, but it's late and i'm tired of squinting. can't wait for the deadline to be over, that way i can concentrate on other stuff, like the toybox commission and maybe even setting up a proper website! links and all! i haven't even completed the PREVIOUS checklist hrrrmph.

oh oh, and my vanilla raspberry cupcake prep board sold! i think the day after i put it up on etsy! and on the same day my brother bought a blackberry, so his N95 is now mine, all mine MWA HA Ha! i've already configured the wifi, so i can surf the net before i sleep too hee hee hee

ok, time to get some much needed rest. so many things to do, so little time and energy :(

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  1. Well, considering all the eye candy you have on Flickr, it's no suprise it's gotten that number of views! Here's to 14,000 more!


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