Sunday, April 4, 2010

my dodgy email acct

 (dodgy, not doggy)

ok, since last year, i've had quite a few 'lost' emails. they were delivered into my account alright, just that they were marked as "Read" and filed in random categories, so i never saw them in my inbox! i noticed it happened a few times, especially after first few correspondences, or when i have my gmail window open when the mail came in and it somehow mysteriously got marked read when i swear i didn't touch it. :(

i suspected that my mail filters had something to do with it, but i never figured it out till early this year, so i did a cleanup of the filters. however, mails between Aug 2009 till Jan 2010 might have been overlooked. i have over five thousand mails (bulk of which are subscriptions :( ) to go through, and will be doing a massive cleanup soon. i really really do apologize if you've mailed me and i hadn't replied, i wasn't ignoring you, just didn't know you'd written me! *mortified*

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