Friday, April 9, 2010

1:4 choc chip cookies, chocolates, and some loot!

1:4 scale choc chip cookies. commissioned items.

1:4 scale chocolates. part of the same commish.

same breads but taken in better lighting. i haven't yet painted the other batch. real life keeps butting in, i'll try and complete them tomorrow. having a bit of problems figuring out what colours to use though. the breads in Singapore (the ones most commonly seen) tend to be more ochre-ish than brown. wonder why. i think it might have something to do with it looking prettier? or just coincidental due to type of flour used?

re-printed the striped liners, and made them in various shades.

and then, i practiced tying little bows out of teeny ribbons! width of this ribbon is 3mm wide. the bow itself is barely 1cm wide.

boring personal entry below, you can skip it XD

ran to a few places today after a nice afternoon out with my aunt. we went to a food fair, but there wasn't really much special there, so we wound up having lunch at a japanese restaurant.

headed over to Funan (an IT mall in SG) but couldn't find what i wanted, and got trapped in a stationary store. XD i really love stickers, have loved them since i was a kid. the papers are for....what else, cupcake liners. they're thinner than what i'm currently using, so i don't know if my customers would be able to handle the flimsiness, but oh~~~ 50 COLOURS!!!! XD

and lots of ribbons too. approx 1.5-3mm wide...i taught myself how to tie bows, with minimal wastage! i guess if you wanna learn how to you've gotta check out some youtube vids or summat, it's kinda complicated and you need like, 4 arms. OK I JEST but yea it's really fiddly working at such small scales.

and the microbeads are FINALLY HERE OMG T_T i waited SOOOOO long for these! finally i can make the cookies i've been holding back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

k. got stuff to do. and it's late. and i'm exhausted.

nitenite :D


  1. Cookieeeeess - yummmm!!! They look so real and so does the bread! Ooooh, the little chocolates are so cool!! Your cupcake papers turned out perfect too. How the heck did you tie such a tiny little bow!!!! I've tried before and about had a fit before I finally gave up and just glued together a fake bow, which of course didn't look as nice, lol.
    P.S. I read the boring personal part anyway - it wasn't THAT boring, LOL.

  2. Pretties~<3
    Those cookies look good enough to eat!

  3. I could NEVER tie the tiny bow and so I finally bought a bunch of them from Daiso. I don't know what I am going to do if they ever close! lol

    Your cookies are too real. Please add a sign that says "Hazardous to the Hungry".

    I know that stationery shop well. I walk past Finan almost everyday (its near my office) and sometimes go in to the shop but not buying much. I didn't know they sell microbeads though :):). Again, I bought mine from Daiso.

  4. haha Kristy, yea it's so hard to tie the tiny bows! i don't care if a cheat method is used, i would use it too if it meant taking a shorter time to make it ;P

    thanks Fairywhiz ^ ^ i think that's the best compliment one could receive!

    Sans, you KNOW i'm a HuUUGE fan of Daiso! i didn't know daiso carried microbeads :O i got mine online, from seller 'morezmore'. it took a really long time for the postal service to deliver it, seems like most of my orders are suffering some postal lethargy of late :( maybe after the mad new year/christmas rush, the postpeople are tired! XD


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