Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a few new-old pastries...

ooh look, more colour! XD

sweet stuff
oops. colours look a little washed out here.

choco banana danishes
let's take a closer look....each danish is approx. 1 cm wide. 1:12 scale.

fruit danishes 2
mm. i like this shot.

croissants 4

croissants 3

very odd. i took these 2 pics under 'fluorescent mode' on my camera, and they look prettier than the ones i used 'sunlight mode' on. grrr.

whats up with the flare

i'm so pleased that the tray fits nicely into the 'bread box'/display unit that i made out of acrylic sheets and recycled packaging. yes you heard (read?) right, i am resourceful that way. that and i have a lot of junk lying around. i take ages to empty my bin. maybe that was A Good Thing (tm) in order for this project to succeed.

stupid scratches
see the stupid scratches? yea, there's serious issues with my construction methods. the bread box wasn't meant to be constructed this way.

danishes and stuff

but do i care? NO. cos i'm too tired from all that sanding and cutting to care anymore! that and getting E6000 stuck all over the places except on the plastic where it was supposed to go.


another vanity shot. cos i can. :P

i really ought to finish up my cafe display

my inspiration for this bread box came about from a wonderful tutorial held on CDHM. the link is to the right of my blog, if you aren't already a member you probably can't view it, but membership is free, and the tutorials there are AWESOME. it was originally done in wood, and Linda of http://linsminis.blogspot.com/, has also made her version of it in her latest post (as of this post, that is hehehe). i think the tutorial is excellent, and a must-see/must-do. thank you SOOOO much Lauretta! you can also find more of Lauretta's work here:


she does mostly 1:144 scaled houses, and they're all....jaw-droppingly beautiful. i hope one day to try it too, so many things to do, so much pain my hands, and so little time!! augh!

so why didn't i make it in wood like in the tutorial? uhm. i donno. cos i was itching to give it my own twist, and decided, there's only so much i could do with wood since i'm really quite bad at it judging from the little experience i had. not that i'm any better with acrylics, but i really really love clear plastics/acrylic displays....it's tough to work with it but i think on the whole it's worth it. :D i'm getting better i hope!

and....back to the drab colours.....

seeing double? or triple (since i posted something similar recently)?

above are the non-prototypes :P finally got the bread portion done.

ok i think that covers updates. gonna go work on more of 'something old' again. yea you guessed it, macarons -_-"


  1. Amazing, as always.

    ...and here I am feeling bashful again for giving you advice. (I'm never gonna be as good as you! ;]) Dunno exactly what you'd call it, but there are products to fill in scratches on acrylic. Some of the eyeglass repair kits have it, but you can buy it on its own too. Maybe a hardware store. That's if it really bothers you. You never know looking at a photo how something looks in real life... could be better or worse. You know better than I do that with minis it usually looks more obvious in photos than in rl.

  2. I'm speechless, everything is so beautiful! I can't believe how small your pipping bag must be to make those little lines in the danish. The bread box looks better than store bought :)

  3. Cindy darling, can I go over and gently smack your head? You are way too critical on your own work. That bread box is stupendous! I can tell you it will be a hit! For a modern setting which is a great break from shabby chic (I mean I live in a shabby house so I LOVE shabby chic but EVERYONE does it and you know, it does get too much!), nothing gets better for displaying your buns like some "glass" trays and boxes! I think you are BRILLIANT!

    I just love your breads and don't you dare call them drabby!

    Yesterday I brought a friend to your blog and she was in complete awe. I told her you are of world standard :). So no selling yourself short!

  4. This looks like a Singaporean bread-shop kind of bread-box. LOL. Or a oldschool Hong Kong-ish cafe style. But well done! It's hard to make it in acrylic I think?

  5. OMG, everything is absolutely wonderful, and I love your acrylic breadbox. :) Excellent, excellent work!

  6. oh man. i really should check the comments and reply more frequently, with this new tablet, i'm more inclined to surf blogs XD

    Amanda, please don't feel bad in any way :O if i didn't take advice from other people, i would never improve!!!! and you know what, honest critiques are really rare, so i truly appreciate feedback that can help me. again, thank you for dropping by and taking the time out to comment ^ ^

    see, i hadn't known about the eyeglass repair kits :O such info would also prove immensely useful to my friends who own dolls! i have searched for plastic buffers but wasn't aware of fillers either. the hardware stores here are rather...lacking.....not too many people here have the time nor inclination to indulge in DIY i think :(

    i am not really bothered by it, as in, i knew i was gonna fudge it up anyway since it was my first try, and all my previous attempts at acrylic resulted in worse scratches anyway but i hid them well with 'creative' angles :P and you are right about the macro mode being unforgiving, even to a speck of dust grrrr!

    i'm waiting for you to update your blog ;) :P

  7. TALTY!

    tee hee thanks for stopping by! yea, it's kind of fiddly to work with, but it's worth it! you should wait for my next update ;) i have a secret, i have a secret! XD

  8. Sans, i smacked the back of my own head for ya. heck i do it even before anyone else can, you probably know how that is. i always fear that if i become 'satisfied', i will stagnate and grow bored.

    i do have quite a few more acrylic pieces of furniture that i've never photographed, they are rather amateurishly made. remember that cafe that i never completed? it's now a storeroom for minis that i always plan-to-complete-soon-soon-i-say! XD

    noooooo they aren't drabby as in...i like them but they aren't as colourful, no? hee hee relative-to!

    awwwww...i want to think of myself as not too bad for a self-taught miniaturist, but i can't take all the credit, i've had inspiration from all over the world! those lessons, can NEVER be found in a school, nor book, eh? ^ ^ i think this post was written in some sort of emotional downswing. bleh. don't worry, i'm not always like that, i can be overbearingly haughty! just ask my bf! XD

  9. NYAnnn~~~ *manja*

    ya acrylic is trickier, but i don't think it's harder than any other medium, just trickier in that fewer tips, tricks and lessons are available due to the lack in demand maybe? but that's also probably because it's hard to explain in a few words. i could teach you, but it's one of those things that you have to be there to see and learn....i've certainly paid my price, i've cut myself on the acrylic sheets at least twice already :(

  10. hi Mo! thank you ^ ^ it was really hard to make it, and it's far from perfect but i'm glad i tried :D :D :D

  11. hey Ana! hahaha it certainly doesn't smell so ;) but thank you!

  12. Wonderful! Absolutely!


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