Saturday, May 1, 2010

my latest toy

today was a fun day :) bf got me this, after months of listening to me whine about the pain in my hands. for those who don't know, i've been  having awful RSI painsin my right hand from my days of overplaying Diablo II. i can no longer use a regular mouse without wincing in pain, and have been using a tablet for almost a year, but that one is fast dying. so bf got me this pen & touch wacom tablet!
ugh. i'm camera challenged, so taking a clear pic of this black beauty left for another day. it's really fun to use, you can probably go looksee at the website for more details:

so there're no new pics of mini works for this post, due to a few reasons, namely:

1) competition photos, the mini food blog  is celebrating its birthday soon! Sumaiya is holding a contest, and i participated for fun :D i loooove taking part in competitions cos i'm extremely goal-oriented, without one i simply flit around accomplishing absolutely nothing -_-"

2) hand hurts. alot. hurts so much even though i apply ointments every night. that and the pasta machine is breaking down, so i'm slowing down on my requests and personal projects :( sadness.

3) AFK. cousin's having her hols, so we've been spending some time on fridays, out and about town with her mom. fun fun fun!

4) more competition stuff. there's another one being held by the semi-sweeties group over on dA, i don't actually have anything done for that yet, but i hope to participate, for fun and for that paid subscription prize :O

5) personal stuff. am contemplating some changes in my life, it might or might not mean i'll be stopping minis altogether. i certainly hope i don't have to. but i might have to take a long break from minis again. sheesh. i really really don't want to T_T but life does have a way of interrupting the fun bits grrrrrrrrr

i'm going to finish up the 2 ongoing requests i have, and keep the mini-making to other long-promised requests (ha ha). i think i might have to stop picking up commissions until i get stuff sorted out, but knowing me, i'll get into some crazy mini rush until i can't anymore. i guess i'll enjoy it while it lasts. sorry i'm being so vague, the prospect of not doing minis anymore is kinda putting me into a funk.

oh, and those darned caramel & caramelized almond macarons from bakerzin are ...totally evil. 4 macarons are sitting in my fridge now, they will keep me happy for the rest of the week, i hope XD XD XD


  1. Babe, I really hope you don't stop! Really not many of us in the 1st place :)

  2. Oh Cindy..I've got one of those..have had it for a year now & have absolutely NO idea how to use it! You might be photographically challenged but I'm Bamboo challenged! :-))

  3. Sans, have replied via email T_T i doubt i'd give it up totally but ahhh just the idea is driving me insane!!!

    Linda! whaddya mean no idea how to use it :O try it again! it's fun! there's an installation/walkthrough, disc that should come with it, even i, the scatterbrain, managed to sit through it tee hee. i prefer using the pen over my fingers though.....old habits are hard to break :X


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