Monday, May 10, 2010

fruity, and i'm nutty.

trying something new. i've made fruit canes, little berries, oranges, strawberries, cherries...1:48 fruits and vegetables....but i don't think i've tried making pears. i wanted to do something 'not confectionery' :P alas, the damned 'twigs' broke :( perhaps they were too thin (fruits wholly made of polymer clay) or maybe i shouldn't have handled them without tweezers (i got so fed up with them rolling all over the place during the phototaking i grabbed at them whenever they rolled). in any case, that'll teach me. grr

messed up my right shoulder over the weekend. i think the tension of having to make 'adult decisions' has knotted up my shoulder, neck and jaw muscles. maybe sticking to minis is my thing. maybe maybe maybe. :(

anyway, i'll force myself to stop again this week, i can't even turn my head it hurts so bad. affected areas are slathered with fastum gel (which i usually use on my hands) in hopes i can relax the muscle enough to NOT hurt. tense much? YES.

more updates for my customer, before i take the break. sorry T_T


  1. You have to break for 2 months!! Like you told me. Yes, some of these aches could also be related to stress -me Dr Quack part time :):):).

    You even make great fruits! So freaking good. They 1:12 or ridiculously small like 1:48 and can pass through the eye of a needle?

    I saw some fabulous glass little marble/ pieces that will make great 1:12 art plates to show off your food. Of course, I bought enough of them to flood my house even though I can't use them at all at all, in my tribal house or any houses. You want some? 2 months later, you can make food to fill them up. Send you pics?

  2. haha @ Dr Quack XD nuu i don't need to rest 2 months this time! just until i can turn my head, right now my right shoulder is still very VERY painful i can't seem to find a comfy position to rest in T_T it's not the first time i'm experiencing this though, but that said, from experience, i need at least a week for it to wear off T_T AHHHH

    these are 1:12, so the pear is i think about 4-5mm wide. looking at the pics, i think i need to colour them a little stronger. the red seems to fade into pink (AGAIN) so maybe a touch of acrylics will improve things. ah well. try again another time! this time i'll attempt the stalks with something less fragile!

    oh i think i have those flat glass pieces! you can't send me anymore stuff, you've already sent me lots! why can't you use them? you could paint them to simulate stone pathways, couldn't you? or various oddly shaped earthenware, cooking stones....well ok so maybe you might be better off using real pebbles for that hrm...BUT i'm SURE you can figure something out, you always do!! thanks for thinking of me though *warm fuzzy feelings ^ ^ *

  3. hi! is dollhouse food really popular in singapore? I went to taiwan last summer and remember going to a dollhouse museum and it was sooooo crazy~ i like took a million pictures of every room i think. but i was wondering what the 1:12th do you guys measure it? like how big would a 1:12 whole strawberry be? I am very curious.

    and for your shoulders, you should try finding the japanese roihi-tsuboko-works like magic :)

  4. hey mpm ;)

    i think overall, mini versions of foods are pretty popular here. you can get pretty cheap keychains in various scales, but mostly 1:4? to 1:6. re-ment (1:6) is getting easier to obtain too, can find them in various departmental and hobby stores. but dollhouse minis? i am unsure. most of my sales are to international customers.

    1:12 is read the same mathematically, 1 is to 12 ratio. just means 1 foot in real life = 1 inch in dollhouse scales.

    i like to think it is just 12 times smaller. so let's say a strawberry is 4.8 cm wide in real life, so in dollhouse scales, it is 4mm wide. so in playscale (1:6), the strawberry would be 8mm wide, etc etc. ^ ^

    i did promise a post about this scale thing, since i work in multiple scales. *scratches face* now to get down to actually doing it LOL.ok so it shall be, in my next post.

  5. OH. and dangit, i wasn't crazy about scale dollhouse minis when i was in taiwan TWICE in 2008 (or was it 2009?). grr. i saw the museum in the tourist brochure, but we didn't have time to go there (though i did really want to). LUCKY YOU! you should blog about it, and make me batshit insane jealous :P

  6. Babe, I have like 10 posts on the Miniature Museum of Taiwan in my other blog. I took 1000+ pictures and went there on 2 days. I stopped after my camera battery died on the 1st day and the memory card ran out on the 2nd.

  7. I gave you an award on my blog! Come claim it!

  8. Sans!!! :O :O time for me to do some sleuthing! :P

    thanks mpm, but i don't do awards :X

  9. (((Cindy))) heal soon! :)

    Your fruit looks great. :)

  10. Oh I like the sushi picture! Thank you Cindy for visiting my blog! and I read Rainer Maria Wilke too :-)

  11. (((Dale))) awwshucks, i know i need more practice, i have to muster up some concentration first...but i just charged my nintendo DS and right now i'm a little more than obsessed with Sudoku!??!?

    thanks Lisa! i don't really 'read' Wilke, but i stumbled across that quote and then googled his works, and love many of his ideas and philosophy on living life ^ ^ your blog is so quirky and cute! just the way i like life ;P


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