Monday, May 3, 2010

contest entry for theminifoodblog!

:) there's a contest going on over at theminifoodblog! i stayed up till 3am the night before the deadline to make these cookies. i had wanted to do a black/white theme 'just for fun' (actually, more of 'because i can') and what better opportunity than this, right? i'm very goal-oriented, so i relish any opportunity to participate in contests :) theminifoodblog is somewhat special to me because it helped me gain ALOT of confidence in my own works.

Asuka showed me pics of some cookies from rosey sugar on flickr, and i thought, hey, that'd be the item to bring the theme together woot woot!

see the light pink lacy cookie and cupcakes? i made those about the same time i made the piped stars,  but i didn't know what setting to display them in. since i purchased the 3-tier stand, i kinda regretted it cos i didn't really like the silver-coloured finish. well, that's when i decided to spray paint it matte black. bought a can for cheap at a hardware store, and painted a couple of candlesticks too (which were originally brass coloured, which although i -did- like, did not fit in any theme). i love it now :D

the butterfly cookies i made the same time i did the julia usher inspired cookies. they are kinda big for 1:12, but eh, whatever. :P i don't know if you can tell, but the tinier heart cookies also have 'lace' piped on them.

you might also recognize the little table that i used for my TDA booth last year. and that oft-used tatted table-doily-thingamabob. otherwise, i think apart from the roses, i've not 'shown off' these items till now. i'm so happy that although i didn't really plan for this display, the items i specially purchased and prepared came together rather beautifully. a tad dark, but so's my mood lately :X my entry's probably the bleakest one, it occurred to me this morning that black and white aren't especially auspicious colours for a birthday bash LMAO

ANYWAY........remember to head on over to for cakes and sweets galore!!



  1. Wow there so pretty !!
    thats really good ^_^

  2. Lovely Cindy. I love it. Hugs~ Kim

  3. Your blog is my bible now... I am going to follow it religiously!

  4. thank you Kara!

    *hugs back to Kim* thanks! congratz on your win! ^ ^

    haha mr pineapple man, i see you're all over the mini blogosphere now! XD XD XD

  5. hi im a fan of ur work!!!=)where did u buy that beautiful 3-purchased tier stand?=D

  6. yea where did you buy the tier from
    its rly cute ^_^

  7. :) i got the stand at a local miniature store here in Singapore. you can probably find it on e-bay?


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