Wednesday, May 19, 2010

new cake slices and cupcake mold

cloudy all day. poor pics ahead XD
new cake designs, unglossed, fresh from the oven!

the shoulder is slightly better, however hands cramped up after completing some orders for more of those cupcake liners :X but i've been trying my best to pace myself, so only made these few items over the weekend. was a busy week, planning stuff (winks at Sans & Dale), taking grandma for her regular checkup, playing DESKTOP DEFENDER ON FACEBOOK omg that is like, my fave game right now. i was so obsessed by the time i looked up it was 5am yesterday :X i told myself to stay away from mini making to heal up, but what do i do? i wind up playing sudoku on the nintendo DS and hopelessly addicted to desktop defender. i don't know what it is about those itty bitty games that captivate me arghhh maybe cos it's in mini too? :P

i also made a new cupcake mold, finally, one i'm rather pleased with. these are cupcakes from the test batch. just made one in 1:6 scale too, for a separate order. but as always i've forgotten to take pics *laughs at own stupidity* that wonky cupcake on the far right makes me grin :P i remember making a batch a while back, all wonky cupcakes to make a 'lousy baker's" prep  board, but i never got round to assembling that. goodness knows where that batch went. *snort*

Enjoy :)


  1. I want on cake piece thank you, they look so mouth watering :) And the cupcakes are fab, so real. And come on, a bad baking day for making wonky cupcakes? It seem to be with me always, all the bakings are a bit wonky to some direction, but at least they taste good :D


  2. Absolutely beautiful!!! Extremely realistic as always! And you are so innovative with the cake designs, always something to look forward to.

    How do you hold those tiny creations of yours before baking to add extra details without messing up the textures or details that are already there?

  3. hahha i love your need to update two times a day!!!

  4. I am sorry I have to scold you again... Desktop Defender??..tsk tsk :). I feel so lame being addicted to Farmville once while you guys play Vampire War & Mafia War. Totally off Facebook atm and now all my crops are rotting away ..hahaha.

    Do take care plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Ok, your weekend minis are perfect. Exactly like those cakes from estate bakeries. I love them for their unpretentiousness . Your cupcakes as well but I do love mine with the marzipans . You guys have to stop making these fab imitations. My 7 kg will never go away..*packing up to go buy cakes.

  5. oh nooooo, not only you can't stop playing on facebook, but you got more games!

    LoL, when are you going to rest your shoulder, jie jie? XD

  6. Your cakes are always beautiful! Excellent! I got hungry. :-9

  7. hehehehe that wonky cupcake is so cute
    all me & my brother can make is pies can cakes
    ^_^ (and ohter sandom stuff)
    its so cute, im addicted to reading ur blog.

  8. thanks everyone! woah i am always so slow in replying comments :X


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