Friday, May 14, 2010

TeamMIDS Feature: Jody Raines of PeachBlossomHill

i am so in love with this chaise longue. first came across this fainting couch over at cdhm forums oh man. i keep going back to 'visit' it XD

naturally, there are other things to be drawn to. like the layout of the room, which i'm sure you can see for yourself, can be easily mistaken for a life-sized room.

i must admit, i don't own much shabby chic (actually i don't think this qualifies as 'shabby', maybe just 'chic'?) stuff as the style is not something i'm usually drawn to, but such beautiful works suit almost any tastes i'd think ;) not only does she make these beautiful couches, much of the accompanying accessories like the peaches, the swan, even PAINTINGs are done by Jody herself :O multi-talented, what!

anyhow, please visit her blog and say hi, and as much as i'd hate to see that chaise longue go to anyone else but me, i've gotta say it deserves a better home than my grubby one. XD you can find her works at the following links:

i'm happy to make Jody my first 'official' TeamMIDS feature! regular readers (hi COUSIN ASUKA AND NYANN LOL) will probably know  that i LOVE my teamMIDS team on Etsy, and have been procrastinating on the features ._. apologies!  i hope to do this more regularly ^ ^


  1. I have no clue what TeamMids is, LOL. I just know that I, too, first saw Jody's sofas and that beautiful chaise as well as discovering Jody's many mini talents at CDHM. And Jody, if you read this...I KNOW you could do a super good raccoon!!!! You definitely should!

  2. Jody does the most wonderful things and I'm soon to be a happy owner of her peach basket :) In addition of being a fab mini maker, she is wonderful person, so nice and kind :)


  3. I am thrilled to be featured! Thank you so much! And I just discovered I hadn't added your blog to my list although I have been a follower rfor quite a while so have updated that now. I am so glad you like my little yellow chaise and I appreciate the kind comments about my work! I always feel I have so much to learn and so many improvements to make! Thank you again!


  4. ^ ^ i'm glad phew! no journalist here, that's for sure :P i see you've already got many fans, maybe i should have featured someone else :P :P :P HA HA HA JUST TEASING! I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love this whole TeamMids spirit. Like Dale and you.

    I want to be in TeamMids without selling anything..can? Oh shit, did I just ask another irritating question? ;p

  6. Sans, you can join the team as a collector member!!! tee hee

  7. This is so wonderful!

    Yes, Peach makes wonderful furniture, something I've been aspiring to for a long time!

    It really does look real life, which is the best part. :)

    Sans, you can definitely join teamMIDS as a collector member, we have several of them. :)


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