Tuesday, April 13, 2010

more progress, and some good news

wow look at me go! what, third post in a row? i must not be as busy as i thought i was! XD these are unbaked uh...well they're supposed to be lady fingers, gonna attempt some 'normal' charlotte cakes :D (is there some redundancy here?)

the good news first. brother is out of the hospital after one night's observation. what they thought might be appendicitis turned out to be....well i don't know, but i'm guessing, a huge relief *snort* go me, and my toilet humour XD thanks to those who have expressed concern, i was kinda sorta worried but tried not to let it get to me. guess you all could tell, huh!

so part of the request included some multi-grained breads. the bread part, i can make rather quickly, but once more details such as fruits and nuts are required...oh boy. my hands are now sore from all the rolling and especially the slicing. so i decided to take a break and catch up with my fb games. the thing with RSI's is well, the "R" part. i am gonna try out resting my hands every half hr or so, do some simple stretching as recommended by my aunt, and see if it helps. i'm sure it will, for as long as i remember to take breaks  :P

forgot to take pics of the full teapot + cups + saucers in 1:48 sets. d'oh. i wonder what 1:48 ladyfingers would look like....HRMMmmmmmmm..........................i hope.not like maggots, which i suspect would be the case ha ha ha!

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