Sunday, April 4, 2010

quest for the perfect fruit cane

was thinking of starting on some smaller scaled items, perhaps it's cos i've been making so many larger ones i am suffering from withdrawals XD

here are some 1:12 and 1:24 canes. the teeniest banana slices are approx 1-1.5mm wide.

the lemons were test slices to see the colours. i think i am quite happy with them, though the rinds might be a tad too translucent and the whites not prominent enough. but maybe it's the lighting.will try to take better pics...yea i know i'm always saying that but really, i hate taking photos. :X

all these are actually older canes, save for the lemons. i tried mixing up some greens for kiwi, but i fail miserably at greens. i think i need more practice. anyway, those i will attempt another day, meanwhile i have new requests coming in that seem very exciting, and i'm hoping they pan out so i can work on them.

FINALLY SOME 1:12 MINIS BWA HA HA!!! *jumping rabbit mode* ;)


  1. Hey! Looks like bananas are in season. I just made some too! And in green :):).

    I love watching the caning process :). I have the Angie Scarr book where she makes making fruits sound like a piece of cake :). You may agree since you make making cakes sounds like a .

    I agree, green is a very tough colour.

  2. OMG I didn't finish my!

  3. LOL I don't have a problem with any other fruit other than strawberries! Darn you strawberries! Anyway good job and just keep practicing. That is all I can say.

  4. HI CINDY!!!!!
    Look at me, I'm "blogging" LOL. And it's fun too :D
    Your fruit canes look pretty darn perfect to me! The bananas look so real, and you even got the lemon to look juicy and pulpy-how the heck did you do that??? Amazing!


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