Saturday, April 17, 2010

1:12 pastries, breads, danishes (i don't know the names!)

i'm trying to get some prototypes out of some breads, danishes's more to get comfortable with working with the various mediums, and give my customer some ideas of what she might like. all items in 1:12 scale, mostly air dry clay.

i forgot to include an item for scale, but look! an ant happened to stroll by, so it shall be my marker XD i finally got the croissants shaped the way i like them (top 2 are the latest tries) but i think i still need to work a little more on colouring them better.

no matter. the ones i don't like will become choc coated croissants *grin*

and here are the prototypes. my favourite has got to be the swirly one at the bottom. i used to have that with each visit to Delifrance, way back when i used to enjoy the food there. the square ones are my first run at colouring the danishes, i don't like it all that much. i prefer the pains du chocolat (sp?) and the roll thingamabob colours ^ ^ the breads i found to be the most challenging to colour, cos there seems to be sooo many varieties and many of which i seldom see. yeaa i don't get out much .......

i used air dry clay for most of the works depicted here. i think they produce the most realistic breads/pastries in minis. i will test run a batch in polymer clay tomorrow (?) if i have the time. one of the biggest problems with ADC i find is the long drying time. :(

the left most is supposed to be coated with sesame seeds, i grated up some sesame seed coloured clay, but after giving it a coat of matte sealant so that it doesn't fall off, the colour seems to have melded in with the breads! ohnoes! will have to discuss other possibilities before i proceed. my customer provided me with plenty of beautiful pictures to work with, but i wanted to get out a few prototypes before actually getting down to the order. am waiting for some other stuff to dry too, need to paint them up. brown is a tough colour to mix up :( :( :(

heeee a closer look at my 2 fave pastries! ^ ^

these i filled with polymer clay and polymer clay fruits etc. see the feathered one there? LOL it 'puffed' up when i put it to bake in the oven! the bases are ADC which i'd left to dry for almost a week, but still......:O luckily, that was the only one that bloated. the ADC bases shrunk further after baking, which might or might not be a good thing. again, although i really like ADC for the danishes, i think i have to seriously consider switching to PC if i cannot control the shrinkage/bloatage etc...

waiting for the other batch of 'better' coloured square bases to dry fully before i decorate them. i have another shape that i forgot to fill, didn't know if i would ruin these 6 during the baking process, but now that i see they've somewhat emerged intact, i think it's safe to proceed.

for those who might be keen on making the danishes, i learnt how to make them via tutorials from this wonderful webpage. it's in japanese, but you can easily use googletranslate or similar, but i find the pictures to be more than sufficient. she uses air dry clay, but again, the methods can be easily adapted for polymer clay.

at the bottom frame, there's a 'how to make' link. :)

'tis been a hectic but fun week! Asuka and I went adventuring, and thankfully, we didn't get -too- lost. XD managed to finally pick up a fresh batch of silicone molding material.

remember this post?

well, they ran out of the RTV 585. so i decided to try my luck with RTV589. the cool and funny thing is that the catalyst is pink, so the mold turned out...strawberry yoghurt coloured! Asuka came over and helped me with it...and the whole time we were like "hrm....smells like strawberry". HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! (it's not funny to you but there's a follow-up inside joke that's too gross to bear repeating :P )

anyhoo. weekend's here. time to give the hands a break. have fun everyone! ^ ^


  1. Cindy, I was just at Phoon Huat , the baker's ingredients shop for real life breads/cakes etc, with my sis this evening :). Kept asking her if she can make breads in

    I too bought a mould from there. It's for dolls :). I tell you, you can find all sorts of useful mini related stuff in these "cake" shops (my sis kept insisting I shouldn't call it a cake shop..hahaha)

    I can seriously see nothing wrong with the colour of your bread. Look, even the ant thought they are real ok?

  2. Mmmmm looks so good! makes me want danishes now :P

  3. Sans, i'm always at Phoon Huat, and i'm embarrassed to say i didn't even know they offered membership cards XD there's a branch here in hougang, it's not very well stocked, you should check out 2 other cake suppliers, there's one near the toy museum (opp bras basah) and the phoon huat branch near burlington square seems to be very well stocked with a huge variety of mini-useable items! Asuka and i often get trapped there. it's like a daiso. :P

    i didn't know they sold molds for dolls? makes sense tho, all the sugar paste marzipan/fondant stuff. ugh. so little time, so many minis to make!

  4. Chuuuun~~~~ which reminds me, i did say i want to make mini versions of the pastries you put up on flickr the other day. ra~ki~~~~!!!


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