Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2-in-1 post (or maybe 3-in-1)

Part I, in 1:48 scale

pardon the dirty clay, these are practice ones from scrap clay.

1:48 tea set. didn't take measurements but you can probably tell how tiny it is. crazy small. i think the cups aren't even 3mm wide.

Part II, in 1:12 scale

these kept me busy most of yesterday...........

have not given these a satin finish. figured would be easier to do that once the pastries have been glued onto the earring backings and clips. will let cousin have first pick, and some of these will make it onto etsy. i hope. haven't updated my store in...ages. sheesh. slack much? :P

ran out of earring backings hehehehe

decided to switch back to polymer clay. i think i'm definitely more comfortable working with polymer clay. i do like the textures that ADC gives for breads and pastries, but i am unfamiliar with its properties, and it bothers me that i do not know how to seal them appropriately. i struggle with painting, and that's another issue i'd rather not deal with anymore. these breads were made using molds, i made a master and then made molded them using alley goop. i really love that stuff. :P a bit of detail is lost, but i simply have to detail it a little more, the mold is just to get a consistency with the shapes and sizes. the details such as oats and sesame seeds are added later. i thought of placing them in the molds before i push in the clay, but it just seemed too cumbersome. maybe i'll try it out when i'm feeling more adventurous XD

Part III, in 1:6 scale

Yotsuba got some mail last week! :O Sans of http://sansdollhousediaries.blogspot.com/ sent me a surprise gift :O

it is not a drum...

it is not a beret, nor a stool....

hrm...wonder if i can fit in there. well, not this way for sure....

slowly does it....

oh it's pretty roomy in here!

seeya later!

kids, do not try this at home!

ok enough of that silliness :X thank you Sans! your surprise gift put a silly grin on my face the whole night! i know, i'm too easily amused. as you can tell, Yotsuba enjoys her new gift very much ^ ^ she sends her thanks, and her love! i don't know how i'm going to find space to make a new setting, i don't know how to incorporate it into any of my scenes either, i sincerely hope you don't mind finding it used in goofy ways :X


  1. OMG, you are super hilarious!

    1st let me praise you on your food ear-rings. They are yummy :).

    But I have to say I absolutely love your pictures of Yotsuba and the pot. I am sorry it is of the wrong scale. But I must say I didn't regret sending it to you. You have made my day , dear and now I will sleep thinking of Yotsuba in my pot :).

    Put it in your etsy when you are done with these pictures if it can't fit in your scene, then maybe someone else will find it useful?

  2. Hi! email me photos of your favorite cake/scene for the Mini Food Blog Birthday Bash Contest...email me at smehreen@gmail.com...find the details on theminifoodblog.blogspot.com

  3. Cindy, you are too funny! I thoroughly enjoyed those last few shots. :)

    You are so right, that tiny scale is insane!!!

    Your food is really looking great. :)

  4. Sans, i think i'm more slapstick to your brainy humour on your blog XD see, slapstick doesn't require much thinking, with Dale as my witness, i can say again, cogito ergo ouch!

    *gasp* i would never sell a gift! don't worry, i work in many scales remember??? besides, pots come in all sorts of sizes, so i could either use it as a 1:6 pot, or convert it into a 1:12 drinks dispenser, maybe for a buffet or something? woah~ now i feel inspired to make a buffet spread HRMMMM ergh that's a huge commitment!

    thank you again so much for the gift. thinking back on that day makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside again *blush*

  5. hey Sumaiya! done ;) hope i didn't send TOO many pictures :O wasn't sure what you were expecting, so i sent in a tonne ha ha ha!

  6. Dale Dale Dale! ^ ^

    oh yes, i'm insane! oh wait, no 1:48 isn't insane, but it sure is toeing the line :P


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