Saturday, April 10, 2010

1:12 rustic breads

slightly overexposed, but i likes it!

i'm currently working on some prototypes, as stated in an earlier post (the unpainted breads). finally got round to painting them now that they're fully dried. i used acrylic paints, mixed up the colours as i went along since i don't really know what colours to use. i like this range, but when i showed them to my brother, he said they're too light. gee and i thought they were pretty dark already!

anyway. took the opportunity to take some more shots since there was beautiful light this afternoon after the rain. i welcome all and any constructive criticism, i'm really fearful of painting, so part of why this took so long was the procrastinating of picking up the brush!!! XD

more pics.

that's a lot of carbs. well, not really, but i do so miss eating breads T_T

baguettes and stuff? i painted them 3 different hues, but i guess due to the light everything looks...lighter. sheesh.

i like the ones at the bottom left.

these were the ones i kinda majorly messed up after i tried baking them to speed up the drying process. haw haw haw. ANYWAY.

and the longest bread here, part of the lighter coloured range which is sorta what we see more frequently around singapore. it's a local adaptation of the french loaf, affectionately known in hokkien as "Jiam Tao Loti" (pointy head bread), but i grew up calling it 'roti pranchis' which i do not know what it translates into. funniest version i've heard was "neh neh pok" bread which is a ....children's term for "breasts" XD

i think this pic is a little too 'cold' (too much blue) and will probably have to edit it but i like it still for ....what it is. whatever it is. heh :-/

my fave shot of all. this was the most fun photoshoot i've had in a while, probably because i liked the light today (thank you Sun!) and cos i've finally gotten a whole BATCH of stuff completed instead of my usual itty bitty one-off pieces. LOOK SANS!!! I TRIED TO MAKE A SCENE!!! XD


  1. Oh! it looks fine, doesn't look too dark to me :P LOL @ "neh neh pok" bread XD I think the good thing about acrylic is that you can paint over it no? :3

  2. Can I just tell you, Cindy that this is a fabulous bread table! I love it! You should seriously do this more. Is this a dollhouse or roombox? The texture of the wall is exactly what I am trying to achieve in the tribal house but my plastering really sucks. I also love the curtain. You have a pretty fabulous collection of baskets yourself :).

    May I make a small suggestion? Maybe for one of the picture, I will take away the coin (I can't tell the because no one will be able to tell this from the real thing. Just 1 pic :) for fooling

    I do think you have got the colours down pat. I also don't understand why nehnehpok roti is so pale. (you sure they say nehnehpok??? never heard of that one but I nearly died laughing) My sis is into baking big time and she has taken to making breads for me since I just buy her the flour :):) so much cheaper for me. She used the western cookbooks and her breads are like those in some bakeries. With oats as toppings too.

    You know how I learn to paint? By staring at the picture of a real whatever I am painting . Like the other time, I was trying to convert metal to wicker, I just kept a wicker basket near me while I was painting. The other thing I do is ask a non-miniaturist who's brutally frank (like you and your brother) for their opinions. They are usually right because they see the real stuff a lot and won't compromise and be nice.

    Also, I look at loads of pictures when I am planning a scene. I was interested in Interior Decoration and read a lot of ID books and magazines. You can do that too. That's why I hang out at the National Library a fair bit.

  3. Ohhh how cute!! YOu even got the setting peerrfectly nice (:

  4. thanks Chun! haha yea when i first heard the term i was also...o.O i've already sealed those earlier breads, so i'll dump them aside as 'practice' items :P

    Sans, i think my main issue with colours/painting is that sometimes, the colours seem alright in direct light/sunlight, but once macro mode is used during picture taking, it looks slightly different. also when displayed on my monitor. so i am careful to consider these things while painting. thanks for the tips! i find working with a picture in front of me even more frustrating, since i can't mimic exactly what is depicted, and i wind up narrowing my focus and overdoing things XD not sure if you get what i mean????

    so usually i'll look through a few pictures, get a general idea of how to achieve the effect in my head (technical stuff) and work on my items, h oping for the best. now you know why i dread painting, it's more about a 'feel' rather than a technique!! AUGH!!!! :P

    thanks yellowbee :D

  5. Omeegosh, Cindy, I don't look at 1 picture, I have a gazillion of them saved in my file and then I take turns looking at all of them and pick the bits I like or more likely I can imitate..haha! (comforting myself then that my painting look real). I also put my laptop far away (10 steps) from my work because I find painting and looking at pics at the same time, impossible. Again you are right about getting the idea in your head 1st, then just go and do it.

    By the way,you are also absolutely right about the shades of colour changing under different light. Eyes are deceiving too. I take pics under different light. I have a separate hard disk just for my pictures. After I take them , then I compare them with pictures of real stuff again. I keep doing this until I am sort of satisfied or until I give up, whichever is sooner. :)

    This method means I take forever to paint a small thing.

    By the way, I found out from Kristy's blog that you can make a mini etch-a-sketch that works! Superwooper WOW! If I am doing a modern nursery, I will sure want one of those.


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