Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm a Giant Challenge Day 8

 The bakery structure is almost done :) All i have left to do is put in the display windows and the front door....I had wanted the back wall to be removeable so i could make this more modular and easier to photograph, but judging from the time left, i will have to abandon that idea :(

ah well. no matter. i know this project will grow a little more after the deadline anyway :) I suspect it will be a neverending piece XD
 so the cardstock idea was a bad one. it was too thick if i were to include the 0.2mm pvc sheet, so i abandoned the white window frame idea and went with a metal one (which i like better!) the windows are removeable cos the PVC sheets are flexible, as is the metal sticker (DAISO!).

slides smoothly!
 view from the outside
didn't do much else, catching up with orders and such. moving on to the roof next, i hope i have time to do some lighting by the end of the week. and then i can hunker down and work on the decorating stuff. i'm liking black more and more since there's a metallic element (or more ;) ) ....i hope it doesn't become too goth or industrial!!! -_-"""


  1. oh oh ooooh ! the windows are so cool!
    And you used a metal sticker on the pvc sheets? Oh! I need some! I want som!

    Good thing I didn't plan any windows in my challenge ^^

    Looks great so far!

    *all excited with Cindy*

  2. A great project! The window is amazing!

  3. Why not goth or industrial? I love both styles :):).

    Anyhoo, you must tell me all 'bout it when we meet!

  4. Oooohhhh! The windows are so awesome! I wonder if we can get DAISO metal stickers here in the U.S.?? I want some too! :)

  5. This is fabulous! I am so glad you went for the challenge and are creating a space, the windows are so cool! :)


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