Thursday, November 10, 2011

BJD, Blythe miniature food props, Aunt's birthday hydrangeas,

These are some of my ready-made works in 1:3 and my customer has beauuuuuutiful dolls, i have been crazy coveting them T-T some day, some day....

This is for a separate request, she originally wanted them for her Blythe, but will be making something else out of it so i made them in 1:3...thus the extra special effort (hurhur yea i'm lazy) with the props!

 they aren't fully dry yet, in such large scales it will take up to a week to dry fully before i can seal them (though i think the macarons are ready to be sealed)
closer look......

and just for fun (and for a catalogue) i've made these chocolate tartlets...again, waiting to be sealed (though it does look quite delish now, doesn't it???) that's a macdonald's charm/keychain, a little big for 1:3 but i thought the colours look nice with the tarts ^ ^

and back to 1:12 land :)

 macro test shots....i'm more familiar with the deep red/purple cherries, these were just some i finally got round to completing, they'd been rolling around on my table for a while now......
and my favourite, glace or maraschino cherries!!

so you can probably guess what sort of items will appear in my next post (they're waiting to be sealed too..)

 more WIP pics? yes, no?

made thinner, more detailed leaves.....still trying to grasp greens............

no, not deja vu! this is for my aunt, who is celebrating her birthday soon (either 11th or 13th, i always mix the two up cos my cousin Eddy's birthday is one or the other XD ) i'm happier with the leaves this time!

ok! time for lunch! :D


  1. Beautiful minis! I'd like to see them at the BJDs. ;)

  2. Very very beautiful!! All of your miniatures are so good.

  3. Yay, you've been busy and busy is good...everything looks great, especially flowers! You'll get my "book" this weekend :)

  4. I love the leaves ...they are really so much of details in them and impressively real :). Enjoy your weekend, bye!


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