Thursday, November 24, 2011

Miniature Printable Snowflake Design Boxes

I've got a new Christmassy Design available now on my Etsy for your personal use :)
I liked the idea of the design extending into the box itself, I think my future designs will incorporate this feature! I hope you like it too. The sizes are similar to that of my previous Macarons and Cookies boxes, but this design is so versatile, you can put decorations, christmas cards, even use it as a gift box, anything goes!

Here is a rough guide on how to use these printables, since they are a little different than the simpler printables i've offered previously:-

- Print your PDF onto your desired paper (I recommend 150GSM- 180GSM photopaper, any thinner/thicker and the boxes might not fit snugly into the sleeves)
- Spray with protective coating if desired

- Score using the arrows as guides. You can use a bone folder, ball stylus, or even your fingernail to do this. It may be easier if you place it on top of craft foam, mousepad or even kitchen towels. Be careful not to tear through or scratch the print off.
- Another way to do this is to cut notches onto the red arrows, and score along the BACK of the paper using the cut notches as a guide. I prefer this method if i have the time :)

- Fold along the scored lines.
 - Cut out along the dotted lines and outline of the box. Since everything has been scored and folded in the earlier step, it is easy to manipulate the small pieces now.

- glue the insides of the flaps and fold in. For these boxes, fold in the shorter sides first (the sides hiding the small flaps). Your folded piece should look like the above before you glue the sides into place.

And you're done!

I've made my templates easy to score, fold, cut as a batch, since that is the way I like to work :) it's very fast to fold these, to very neat results! Perfect for a small weekend project :)

I've also made them in different colours :) I went to the printers to get these on glossy (they called it 'art' paper) 157GSM papers....will fold them later. You can purchase the individual colours here:
Please indicate during checkout which colour you'd like :) 

The colours came out a little different, darker, than my own printer (which has run low on ink :( )...which is why the salmon pink looks redder than usual o.O
(oops no i checked again, i used the wrong colour XD have corrected the PDF for the salmon pink to match the macaron and cookies box printables, gotta get it re-printed now -_-")

 Christmas colours!!! You can purchase the copies here:

or perhaps, like me, your tastes run a little dark sometimes, you can get the same designs in Black, Navy Blue, and Purple. 

Save $2 when you purchase this 3-in-1 listing! ^ ^ and don't forget, there's also a coupon code discount on in my Etsy store right now! Up till Dec 1st 2011, you will get 10% off all purchases if you enter the code NOV2011 upon checkout!

Hope you liked these designs :) And Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it, i might have to bake myself a pumpkin pie i'm so caught up in all the excitement i see on facebook XD

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