Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Half inch scale, Modern and LEGO mania

LONG POST AHEAD!!! there have been SOOOO many things i've been working on the past few weeks, but as usual, i get sidetracked....:P it might have been 2 weeks ago that i re-visited The Shopping Sherpa's blog, i remember one of the first few times I visited her blog might have been via a random video i viewed regarding miniature bookbinding....i always try my best to visit my fave blogs frequently, but you know how distracted i get :X i did not recall her having that many mini-related items back when i first chanced upon the blog, so her recent entries really left me gasping, OH HOW I COVET.

there was an awesome little cupboard that immediately caught my eye in one of her latest posts:

it's exactly the sort of thing i adore. i'm not sure why even, it's not entirely modern, it's not entirely sleek...it kind of reminds me of some cupboards we had at home when i was a kid i suppose. imagine the state of shock i went into when she replied to one of my comments that it was made entirely out of LEGO pieces?!?!?!

HELLO??? LEGO FAN OVER HERE?? YES? i used to collect a number of minifigs too!!! luckily my hoarding tendencies are held in check by the lack of funds, else you'd see life sized furniture made out of LEGO bricks (re: Douglas Coupland's Microserfs/Jpod; can't recall which featured the father character building office furniture).

so immediately after reading her reply, i not only downloaded and installed the LEGO Digital Designer (so i could figure out the names of the blocks used), i dragged bf down to a local LEGO toy store...alas, they don't carry the doors, nor the larger flat bricks :( i stood at the drawers going through all the little trays, pouting and hoping i wouldn't return empty handed.

i do feel a little embarrassed that this was the best i came up with, but i'm quite pleased with it! they'll be used in a 1:12 modern kitchen setting i'm making (it's been put on the backburner due to the i'm a giant challenge), i am loving the colours! i don't recall this lime green being available as a kid, then again i was always fixated on the yellow blocks :S don't you think they'd be cool with modern prints, or lettering (tea, coffee, sugar etc) on the side?!? i'm sure they're already a fixture in many mini modern homes, i just never really devoted much time surfing, so yea, i'm a mountain turtle (it's a common phrase used around these parts for an ignorant/not fashionable/not kept up-to-date/removed from society-type person. hey sounds like me!)

i'll take the Shopping Sherpa's advice and try and get me the pieces from BrickLink, chances are, i'll have to do that much much later *sigh* am feeling quite...broke....


oh did i mention this will be a lengthy post? :P

 recently, a customer requested i make a special chicken sandwich for her Teenie Gem. ok, so i went all pouty again, cos i have been for the longest time staring at photos of Glot and Glati, which i know i'll never in this lifetime own. /supersadpatheticface

 that aside, it was interesting to note that teenie gems have rather large hands :O so this was made more as 1:4 than 1:6, which i'd always thought should be the case for YoSD sized dolls, since technically, they are 1:4 cos they're kids! ah...nevermind, there i go again  @ @

it's made out of polymer clay. i like its chubby appearance hurhur she sent me a reference photo for a tapioca bun she'd like for the bread, which was another interesting item to me....uh oh my mountain turtle tail is showing again.....*withdraws head into shell in shame*


i took the opportunity to finally take pics of the 1:6 items i'd been meaning to list for the longest time -_-" They can be found on my Zibbet:


although i've been concentrating on the smaller scales, i'm still making larger items, more due to novelty and cos....well, just cos. somehow, in my mind, batch work seems to be more efficient, but that's rather self-defeating since i get nothing much done when i confuse myself over the scales, the different materials and considerations each scale requires :S so it's a good thing that the challenge has shifted me to concentrate on 1:24 food items, since i've grown a little bored with 1:12. NOT!!! LOL no no i still LOVE working in 1:12, i just get a little frustrated sometimes and require a bit of distraction so i can refresh myself...heh

so since i'd also told myself to get to work on christmas items, given how slowly i work, it was great that a request came in for my 1:24 macaron set in christmas colours? of course, i couldn't stop at one....

ionos about you, but after making and taking and editing these photos, everything looks the same to me XD i took special care to make each set a little different so i don't get too confused....

these were inspired by Paulette macarons, which were introduced to me by CH (HIIIIII!!!!!) when she requested i made some in 1:4......it didn't even occur to me to check their packaging but Asuka pointed out that my own packaging reminded her of it XD FERPECT I SAY!

to which, i want to say, i've come to terms with the whole copyright issue. as rightly pointed out by a few of my mini friends (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE THANK YOU!) it's a totally different market, and though it doesn't mean i'll go around rampantly scanning and selling replicas of their packagings, i think i'll be comfortable knowing that i'm not 'ripping off' or 'profiting off' them. but that's another argument for another day *head goes giddy again*

these are also in 1:24, and i'm pretty happy with them! i surprised even myself, i know they're not super duper realistic, but it's really hard to squeeze in that much detail on a 4mm circle of clay! i had to re-take all of the photos cos i messed up all the photos (poor lighting) during my 2-3 hr photoshoot last night T-T  why, oh why do i insist on being a stubborn donkey when it comes to photography?? why can't i just be patient and wait for a nice sunny day to take pics, HUH HUH?? /bonks self onna head

so yea i made some larger croissants too, but uhhh i miscalculated (hurhur) and they turned out quite small...they're approx 1cm long, which makes for a medium-ish croissant? so i think they'll work well as 1:16 too! i think even the 1:24 version will work in 1:12, mini sized real foods seem to be very fashionable these days!

uhm. yea i got a few other things to clear, probably make a larger croissant now that i am happy with these shapes :) i think i have to work a little more on the coloration, but maybe soon, i will finally be satisfied with these so i can move on to....

......................maybe fish?


k i hope i didn't confuse too many of you with the many different scales. my etsy store is more organized than this post, i promise! please go take a look :D




  1. pfeew! that was indeed a looooong post :D
    I don't even know what to comment ^^'

    But yay for taking the time to share! I usually think and take pictures about what I could share and I end up sharing 1/10th of the things I do because I'm just too lazy XD

  2. Hello Mentor Snowfern, I am looking forward for fish you mentioned in your post ^.^. It is in my roadmap to make some koi fish or goldfish if I find more time later. Recently started full time job again, so running short of time :-(.

  3. Great job with the croissants Cinds. Chicken s/w rocks too.

    And I have checked ShoppingSherpa and OMG! That chair!

  4. hurhur Stephanie! i think you're far busier than i am, otherwise you'd blog more right? :P

    yea i have a lot on my mind all of the time, blogging is my way of organizing my thoughts to see what i've checked off my list of to-do things...great way to create content too since i'm not very eloquent T-T

  5. haha hi again Wellajoy (You're Seet, right?) omg how did you know i was going to make those XD the master of the fishies is Kiva, have you checked out her blog yet??


    she has previously posted videos on how she makes the fish...you can also purchase instructional videos from her :D


    have fun with your new job!! ah, i've forgotten how it feels like to be gainfully employed.....:S

  6. thanks Sans! lol i didn't even notice that chair till after i calmed down and stared at the pic for the 20th+ time? XD i saw it in a number of places, i think it's pretty common? i'll keep an eye out for it :D

  7. Oh my God! You blow me away every time!

  8. Hello Snowfern, not so used to employment anymore, my first week at work was a little upside down. I take the holiday opportunity today to continue my favourite work so to destress :-). I invite you to see my Koi fish if you find time.... :D.
    Happy Holiday Hari Raya!!
    Wellajoy! Seet ^_^.


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