Monday, November 14, 2011

Miniature Dessert Table in 1:12

I have been quite busy :) My plan originally was to make some Christmas items, but you know how easily OH LOOK BIRDY

chocolate range

pink and red range

if i could pick only one to eat......
it'd be a tough decision......
i would start small....
fresh fruit.....
or glace cherries?.....
woud fresh cherries be better? but what about all that chocolate :O
adding fruit to it doesn't automatically make it 'healthy!'
pure. temptation.



  1. Wow, you have been busy!
    So gorgeous. Everything you make is just so stunning. I can't believe you can get so much detail into such a tiny space.

  2. Oh my, these treats are absolutely gorgeous. Just one thing though...I always thought fruit canceled out the calories *grins*

    Fabulous work as always =0)

  3. Really like the new layout of the blog. Love tehe colours very much too!

    These tables are just perfect, seriously.

    I have been so busy this month, I may be able to meet only after the 23/11 and before 30/11 :( . May not be able to make it a long one though. Will email or fb.

  4. Mmmm mmmmm! These all look so yummy! And so real! You are amazing! :-)

  5. Mmm!!que tentacion tan deliciusa,es real y tan apetitoso!!! Enhorabuena.

  6. wow, these are so beautiful and detailed! I wish I could have one of those little cakes, they look so delicious :D
    Love how you arrange the dessert table

  7. Sp Delicious! My mouth is watering...
    Beautiful work!

  8. thanks everyone! ^ ^ i'm so glad for all the kind compliments :D

    Pepper, i like the way you think ;P

    Sanssss!!! thanks for commenting on the blog change, it's not much really but i think it's an improvement XD still WIP, i'm afraid :(

  9. Oh wow, I really can not deside, they all look so good.
    Amazing work.

  10. It's so hard to say I have a favorite as the more I look they all become favorites! They are all so fabulous!!! You're amazing! =)


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