Thursday, August 6, 2009

why i am so broke, and should be banned from ebay.

how do i refurbish this? any tips?
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look at this darling wine rack!

i found this on ebay, after shipping costs it was approx USD$15 > < but i love it so much! look at the little basket drawers (i'm going to dress it up a little too)

but i don't like the colour. it came darker than is visible in the pictures, i want to give it a makeover, probably turn it white?

i know i have to
1) sand it
2) prime it
3) paint it

but how do i get into those nooks and crannies??? :O i have a spray primer and i think it's made of wood from what i see inside, i doubt i should take it apart right? anyone have any tips?

my Bozart "the Kaleidoscope house" kitchen kit arrived! it'll fit nicely into my cafe i think ^ ^ I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

the detail is incredible! it's so thin as well, nothing like the clunky stuff i keep getting > < it's plastic i have to be careful to bake my foods thoroughly to ensure all the plasticizers are baked out...

i am awaiting 2 more parcels, and a trade i've made has already arrived (thanks Dale!) but i want to keep that a secret until i use it bwa ha ha


  1. I like reading your blog. You put your sense of humor into all of your posts!
    Great wine cabinet and dish set too. The glasses are great.
    Isn't it fun waiting for those purchases to arrive in the mail!

  2. The color of the wine rock looks great for me!

    When I saw the images of your kitchen kit, I was soooooooo surprised.
    *Can you imagine I opened my BIG mouth and BIG eyes...
    They are so lovely, especially the mugs!
    *I want a PayPal account La!!! I want to have one set like this! :p

    But I think maybe it's not a good idea to cook the plastic dish with clay.
    A little bit dangerous...

    Congratulations! We will see another surprise you are going to receive!

  3. Thank you Donna! it really puts a smile on my face to see that someone -gets- my humour haha, i know i can be so odd and random sometimes....^ ^

    i'm not good at waiting, so i sometimes 'forget' what i purchased, this is one such item LOL


    LOL yea i'm not baking with them! i'm just afraid that if i didn't bake my items thoroughly enough, some plasticizers would be left in the polymer clay and 'eat' into the plates :O that would be a disaster > <

    yes i will definitely keep posting my random mini-related items, i get so excited i just have to share my joy hee hee!

  4. That cupboard is very unusual, Cindy and I can totally see why you are in love with it. Those crockery will fit in with your whole "kaleidoscope" look. So you have a house already or still looking for one?


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