Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My moldmaking failures and experiences...

i have had difficulty sourcing for good moldmaking materials here, they either cost a bomb, or i have to purchase them in bulk from a factory (in a very isolated area), looking at the moldmaking kits available from sculpey, i began to think they weren't so good in the sense that they seemed to be made from the very same clay we manipulate, just softer and more pliable when cured? moreover it's not suitable for resin pours either...

i had previously purchased some RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) silicone rubber, but that just was too messy and icky, moreover it was hard to measure out small amounts. i was going to purchase some alley goop online, but shipping to SG costs $15 for the 1 lb package, it seems they have very good reviews! i can only purchase that once i make some sales to cover the total cost (almost USD$44 :O ) :( yes, it's a rule of mine NOT to spend on supplies until i make sales, it's the only way i can justify spending and keep my habit in check :X

these are the pics of terrible silicone pours...i don't have a pressure pot so it was terrible trying to get the bubbles out.

this one was due to too much catalyst (the salesman recommended 5% for our climate, but it hardened up too quickly!)

so much so i couldn't tap out the bubbles in time...

that was the last of the silicone i had. i have a few more rather -ok- pours, made some bangle/ring and other oddly shaped item pours for my cousin's resin work, and some successful ones for my creams/raspberries/jellies/plates/cups...but i would say i wasted more than 70% of the material learning how to pour without having the bubbles ruin it. i like the pours cos i don't require any release agent, and they were extremely flexible/durable. however the learning curve is just too steep for beginners.

this is my pushmold for citrus pieces. i sculpted a segment of orange and grapefruit, and played around with a bead i had to get the flower shape.
i made this just last week and only got round to making the orange segments last night. you can see in the bottom 4 pieces the needle marks where i got lazy and simply poked the clay out of the mold, the upper two pieces show one glossed, the other unglossed.

so what do i think of these experiments? after reading, experimenting, and hunting around Singapore, i will stick to making polymerclay pushmolds for now (until i get the silicone putty). i haven't yet been confident enough to make 2-part molds, but so far i'm rather satisfied with what little i made.

hope this will help some other newbies, as to where i got my silicone rubber, you can see Wee Tee Tong's website, i got the RTV585, call them up for a quote as i am not affiliated with them in any way and prices might prepared to travel, i lucked out as my cousin drove me but we took so long i fell asleep in the car -_-"

sheesh. i have got to stop posting half-fudged 'tutorials' HAHA!


  1. I also like mold making game but it's not easy.

    These two materials have different properties, you will need to spend more time trying it.

    You pass one challenge to me... @.@

  2. I think posts like this are very useful. Keep it up! Because we all learn from your experiments.

  3. hee hee Oiseau, thanks for playing ^ ^

    Sans, thank you! i want to make it easier for people to understand the process of making these minis, and for the new minimakers to better decide what options they have should they embark on a more 'advanced' level of minimaking (??)

    once i have my website up (sheesh i keep saying this but haizzz....) i will organize my tutorials/experiments and hopefully make them a little more thorough and comprehensive...ahhhhhh so many things to do!

  4. wana to do MO for RTV and resin next time ornot
    i wana to cast my dollie

  5. learning from your blogs planning to do a trial casting using silicone....can you give me a list of what i need to buy? im just gonna do a simple cast something like a metal shard....and is your supplier in the industrial area in choa chu kang?...thanks again and hope u can help me with this....ciao

  6. Sausage, cannot la no $ lately :( maybe next month, i think i'll be trying out alley goop first though, kinda sick of the hassle of pouring the liquid RTV....

    BG artist, i think it's better if you contact the salesperson in Wee Tee Tong, the address is on the site itself somewhere in the woodlands area.... as for list of what you need to buy? i'm not sure what you mean...

    you can also check out this tutorial (where i learnt it from)

    good luck with it!

  7. cool...thanks for the link. its actually a list of materials i need to get started...anyway thanks a million....cheers!!!!

  8. BG artist, it really depends on your individual preference, since it also depends on the type of silicon you use. the link i provided would help you decide what you require for your own individual needs :)


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