Monday, August 10, 2009

Half inch scale pies, and more experiments

gallery glass experiment
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this is a totally off-scale pie. can you see why?

anyway, i used gallery glass for the 'jam' portion of this cherry pie, i quite like it! after it dried i sliced out a portion of the pie, and glossed the visible bits of jam/cherry.

few lessons i've learnt here:

- gallery glass bakes all fine after it's fully dried. i haven't tried it while it's wet and have no intention to, as i've read horrible things about baking stuff that -shouldn't- be baked (wet or otherwise)
- this is the ruby red gallery glass i used. it looks opaque in the bottle, but dries reasonably clear for such a thick layer.
- sticks reasonably well to polymer clay
- yes, if you guessed right, the cherries are offscale. this is because i simply wanted to experiment, and was going to bake a 1:12 scale pie and the cherries used here were for colour sampling before i roll out larger batches of cherries

my half-scale pie pan and plates/dishes experiments. i would say the pie pans were moderately successful in that i baked all my half-scale pies in these, but not so much for the dishes as you can probably see why. the colour darkened pretty noticeably after baking, and at this scale is a little too flimsy. i might just decorate them a little more or bake another pie into them. but i doubt it. these seem destined for the bin.

pumpkin pie! this is my fave of the lot, i am contemplating if i should dust this with white chalk to simulate castor sugar. what do you think?

blueberry pie. i quite like this but i might have to add a layer of blue liquid since it doesn't really look quite blue enough. hrm...

'normal' pie pan pumpkin pie, sliced. as you can tell, all the pies featured so far are half-scale. they are approximately 1.1cm in diameter. :O that's approximately 3/8 of an inch! (IRL should be 9" diameter?)

i tried so hard to duplicate my previous attempt at the soft-serve icecream to no avail. :( but! i persevered and came up with a variation using my leftover experiment batch of piped 'meringues'...

see the difference? which do you prefer?

ok it's late, i had a long day out and am pooped. i actually have quite a few considerations running through my mind, so i'd better get some rest or i won't be able to make 'proper' decisions......

please comment! i love and appreciate all comments/feedback, unless of course you are a spammer. then may cockroaches infest your innards, you slave of an idle mind.



  1. Using the Gallery Glass is such a good idea! I loved how the experiment turned out, mutant cherry and all :)

  2. Yeah, it's a novel idea and experience for me to use gallery glass.
    It's glittering and translucent.
    Your cherry pie looks delicious! I love that red color!

    How much time does it take to be dried the gallery glass, my dear Cindy? :p

    Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  3. even out of scale your pies look fantastic! I just love 'em!

  4. All pies looks yummy!!
    And the ice cream...I prefer the one on the left side...
    How do you achieve this merigue shape?? Yes, I know...I am very new sculpting food but I am try to learn ;-)
    I have to cnfess that it is the first time that I heard "gallerry glass" or perhaps I heard the word in Spanish..LOL...Anyway your work is amazing!

  5. thanks everyone! LOL Mary, "mutant cherries" hrmm I SHOULD RENAME IT MUTANT CHERRY PIE bwa ha ha!

    Oiseau! it took less than an hour to dry (i think, cos i daren't touch it) but i waited a day before i baked the top of the pie with it!

    I like the one on the left better too hee hee, Eva, in my previous post i showed how i made the shapes :)

  6. I too like the ice cream on the left.

    My fav is the blueberry pie.

  7. i love all of it! you're so talented!!

  8. thank you Sans and Mellz! *blush*


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