Sunday, August 2, 2009

CDHM Contest Entry Cake

so! i finally can show off the cake i made for the contest! well, technically the details are more on the cookies, but i'm so proud of this one cos it's the first time i've participated in any contest that requires some level of skill LOL!

here's a closeup of the cookies, i made the cutter myself, took almost 2 weeks to make this cake cos i was slow in putting ideas together....

i actually made a carousel top to go with it, but no matter how i adjusted it i was dissatisfied. so i omitted it.

there was also a doll contest, i made one tiny one just as a lark, the work is terrible but i am loving the feathers LOL yes i'm crazy, i did it in 1:48 scale on my first attempt HA!

and she even has cellulite LMAO i didn't want to fool around with her anymore lest she fell apart (she did during phototaking, her arm fell off and broke at the wrist too) so i didn't sand her down sigh. BUT i love her just the same ^ ^

you can view all entries on the cdhm website!

ok i'm now working on some stuff, aren't i always? :P it's dad's birthday today, i'll be out later buying a -real- cake....we always have mini celebrations at home on birthdays....stay tuned for more pics!


  1. You are creative! So many excellent and lovely ideas!

    I have never made any cutters myself. I think I will need to try too.

    I especially love the carousel with the sugar on top!

    1:48 scale...@.@ It’s magic….

  2. Cindy, you can just submit pics for the cdhm contest? They don't need to see your work ? That's so cool.

    I think its great you submitted! I am proud of you as a fellow Singaporean ! Well done girl :). inabl

  3. Cindy, you have a challenge over on my blog! If you'd like to play that'll be great but if not, that's fine too :)


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