Monday, August 10, 2009

Colourful Cupcake Cases!

assorted cases
Originally uploaded by Snowfern

woo hoo! made a whole bunch of these cos i was bored during the weekend, will be made available on my etsy soon with mix-n-match options!

i have even put up a sampler set!

just drop me a mail @ snowfern [at] gmail [dot] com....

ok i'm off to watch Up with bf and his pals WOOHOO!


  1. These colors look so cheerful!
    Could I have the tutorial of the mini cupcake cases? XD

    I love TOP secret! ha ha...

  2. haha! i need to find some time to do it, i am stealing some time to myself this morning, am steaming some yam now (grandma's fave) and waiting for the fish to defrost before i prepare's only 10am but i'm such a slow worker i need so much time to prepare food to have it ready by noon! > <

  3. Cindy, was "Up" good? My friend, Chris (treewizard) (whom you will likely meet at my place since he is a mini nut like us) told me it's about dollhouses.

  4. Sans, it was INCREDIBLY good. now i'm a softie for animation, so i might be more than biased, but this one tugged at my heartstrings soooo badly, i laughed and cried equally hard in the theatre ; ;

    it's not about dollhouses LOL but he's right in a way, i came out of the theatre dying to build a dollhouse just like it since i don't own one now! :P i have to start collecting pictures of it for reference, but first, i have to convince my bf to buy the DVD for me bwa ha ha

    i can't wait to meet you! i think sometime after next week would be perfect ^ ^


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