Wednesday, August 12, 2009

she's here she's here!

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my Yotsuba's here! after almost exactly a year after my friend got her at a local toy convention, i purchased her online!

also, i got myself some kitchenware...

in my excitement of bidding, my first time actually bidding for items, i misread the trays....LOL i thought they were the size of 1" scale pie uhh what do you call 'em? thingums! for baking pies in! those!

ah well they are still lovely.....can't wait to start painting on them :D

haze has been getting to me, so i've been suffering mild fevers, bleary tear eyes, and lost my sense of smell (hence taste) yet again. in a groggy state, i used the sliding door of my wardrobe for support and it got in the way of my thumb. scraped off a fair bit of skin. it hurts each time i wash my hands, on top of my already swollen thumb joint (due to lousy hole punching method for making cupcake casings) i'm unable to work on minis for a while.

sigh. :(

at least Yotsuba's here! YAY!


  1. Oh eeks Cindy, do rest that thumb, and maybe a plaster would ease the pain of washing? Take care k! :)

    and the kitchenware looks really good!! is it ceramics or pottery (are they the same, gosh i dunno my materials well)? Like earthen pottery? Can't wait to see what you paint on them! :)

  2. Love your Yotsuba doll. Great purchase!
    I would like to see the pie plates when you have them painted.

  3. Yea me too. Can't wait to see the painted plates. How are you going to paint them? Will they have little birds and flowers and dollhouses ?

    Aren't you glad there's STGCC to take your mind away from making minis?

    Take care of that little finger.

  4. thanks everyone! the thumb is still sore at the joint, at least the skin is healing and not infected, although it throbs quite painfully when i'm trying to do the dishes or prepare food :( can't avoid that though :-/

    the STGCC was SO FUN! i didn't purchase much, will be back tomorrow with bf and the gang though, bwa ha ha! yes, i want to paint these up but i don't know how :( i don't know how to seal them :( can anyone point me in any direction? i was thinking one of my many gloss sealants should do it, right?


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