Saturday, August 8, 2009

Snowfern's Strawberry Snowcones! (not really snowcones but i love alliterations)

i got so excited when these tips arrived in the mail, they are PME42C tips if you're looking....anyway!

i prefer working with polymer clay ANYTIME and after much smooshing around with clay lying around from various projects, i came up with an -almost- right texture! it's kinda soft, but not too sticky (i used liquid fimo, maybe i should have used a softener instead, i don't have any though :( )

my fave knitting needle has been roped in to help me out in my task! these are the baked results, can you tell the difference after it's baked and the pre-baked in the tip?

i don't really like working with this brand of texture paste for a few reasons

1) sticky and messy
2) dries too fast, and as i'm piping, it can clump up and clog up the nozzle, thus resulting in uneven piped 'meringues'
3) dries to a -slightly- glossy finish, which is ok if i'm going for whipped creams, not so good if i want to make meringues
4) i prefer to have translucency in my work, and it's not possible to achieve that with texture paste unless i get texture gel...which IIRC is more expensive.
5) adding colour is a nightmare. i used brown pastels for a small amount, and although it looked -light brown- when i was done mixing, it dried to almost a purple sheen eesh maybe i should try acrylics next round....

the shapes are lovely, and it was so easy piping them out from my heavily modified syringe (i originally had silicon sealant around it but i messed -that- up when i pushed the plunger in too deep) so this time round after i cleaned it all out (a breeze to clean with just water and a pipe cleaner) i used sticky tape to hold it together. have yet to see if it works though. will update.

i finally got around to using the cones i posted up about previously here, so far i'm liking the results! but bf says the grooves are too deep...he might be right, but what do -you- think? i really appreciate honest critiques, that's the only way i can improve upon my work, right?

i just had the most amazing tip (haha geddit *groan*) from a fellow flickr mate, she suggested this:

"Those icing tips fit perfect in the makins clay extruder and will make your work even easier."

please send some love to craftaddict02 on flickr, or on her etsy for such a wonderful suggestion! i would have NEVER thought of it ^ ^


  1. The ice creams look yummy....and perfect!
    O.k., how did you do it? I have the pme star tubes too. Do you just soften the clay and push it out with a knitting needle?
    I like your modified syringe idea too. That must just be for the texture paste?
    I learned in my Carl Bronsdon class to use molding/modeling paste mixed with tube acrylic paints for frosting and such. With the burnt umber color you get a nice deep chocolate color. Haven't tried it at home yet.
    Will there be a tutorial on the cones and ice cream....please?

  2. Hi Donna!

    phew, i was sorting out my 717 mails and it got too tedious, so this will give me a break LOL

    YES i plan to make an icecream tutorial, both scoop and 'sundae' type? inclusive of cones, but i don't know if i can do it because it is VERY hard to do and requires a lot of trial and always once i get round to it i will post it up here....but i can't work fast enough and i have to try and work on selling some stuff this coming month (saving up for bf's birthday and my bills are overdue :( ) so it might be a while yet :(

    thank you so much for the tip on the acrylic paints with texture paste! i was planning to try it tomorrow, i get so hesitant to work with texture paste as it gets everywhere and is so messy :(

    yes i soften the clay with liquid fimo i had leftover from frosting my cupcakes? but i think it might work with clay softener or maybe even mineral oil? I have to experiment with those too but *sigh* anyway....i push it out with the knitting needle (you can see the hole in the clay in the tip) but BECAREFUL not to overpush or you might mis-shapen the tip!

    i'm sorry i can't be of more help at the moment, it's almost 2 am here and like all my work, it's haphazardly put together > <

  3. I agree the icecream looks good enough to eat. Yummy =)

    Thanks for the super nice comment also!!! You are too sweet.

  4. That is soooo cool! I bought a couple of the tiniest tips my local craft store has, but I think they are still too large for 1:12. I am definitely looking forward to seeing how you make these gorgeous little 'bloops' of frosting, ice cream and such! Thank you for sharing your technique!

  5. Personally I don't think the grooves too deep. Your ice cream looks perfectly like a real one, Cindy. Congratz. I must confess I don't understand what you just wrote at all!! LOL. When we meet, you must explain it to me I am a 6 year old ! :)

  6. I love your work.
    Now I want to try buying the PME42c, but can't find it anywhere. Could you please help me and send me an url or so?


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